How To Deal With A Terrible Haircut

I have always had medium to long hair. Always. And although I’ve never been afraid to do something crazy with my locks, my hair length is the one constant that I must have to remain sane. So when I left the salon yesterday with super short hair, I had a full on panic attack. Guys, I look like 90s Neve Campbell when she was rocking the bob. I was not happy.
It’s not that it looks bad. In fact, everyone has been telling me how it looks cute. That’s not the point. The point is I can’t style it how I like, curly, because it’s too short. It doesn’t look like the picture I gave the hairdresser at all. And I’m distraught because it can’t really be fixed.
See the problem with cutting hair too short is just that. It’s too short. So if I went to another salon for them to fix it or whatever, they would have to cut more hair off which really isn’t an option at this point. So I have to figure out other solutions. Thankfully, my hair grows quickly so in two or three weeks when it’s at the desired length (shoulder. I wanted shoulder length hair which this is not) it will look exactly how I want. But I didn’t want a cut I had to wait two weeks to like. It’s just the worst.
Thankfully, after having a full on mental breakdown yesterday I thought I would share some of my coping mechanisms for when you get a terrible haircut.
1. You don’t have to pay for a service you hate. While some people might think this is in poor taste, we’re college students and haircuts are expensive. If you are bewildered at what happened to your hair, tell your stylist you don’t feel comfortable paying for it. If it’s a color thing, they can probably fix it for free, too, and you can pay at the end of the process once everything is taken care of. If it’s what happened to my hair? I don’t know. I just said I wasn’t going to pay for it because I wasn’t happy with it and he said he understood.
2. Don’t panic. I panicked. I ran to my nearest beauty supply store and bought hair extensions. They are non-returnable. I don’t think I’ll probably end up using them. But maybe I will. I was playing around with them last night and I finally got them to look good and natural. But, I should have probably made the decision to buy them after I had thought about it.
3. Take a shower. After I dyed my hair blonde in June and after this haircut, it was helpful to see the cut or color the way that I was going to style it. Although styling my short hair the way I like took a lot of YouTubing “tips for styling short hair” by the end of the process, I figured out the look that works for me. The hairdresser is never going to get it to look right because they don’t know how you wear your hair.
4. Finally, give it time. Really, this haircut is live-with-able. It’s hair. It will grow back. It’s not the end of the world. If it’s still the worst after steps 1-3 go to another stylist and get it fixed or find a solution. Sometimes it’s as simple as wearing a top knot until it grows out, which is also impossible with my hair but it’s ok. I have the hair extensions if I need them. I have a way to style my hair that doesn’t make me look like a 90s soccer mom. It might not be what I wanted, which sucks, but I can deal because I’m an adult dammit.
Here are photos for reference, because pics or it didn’t happen.

What I asked for cut-wise:

Image is from MarissaLace’s Instagram. She’s a youtuber that I’m obsessed with. She has pretty hair.
What I got:
I added 90’s Neve Campbell for comparison.

Clearly not happy.
After I fixed it myself:

[Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock]

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