Take Our Quiz to Discover Your Beauty Personality!

Are you a laid-back lady? A beauty trendsetter? A classic sophisticate? A super-girly makeup lover? Take this quiz and find out once and for all.

Your boyfriend/best friend/mom is going to whisk you off on an impromptu weekend getaway and you have just 20 minutes to pack a bag. What makeup do you take?

1. You don’t really worry about it. You figure if you need anything you can just borrow it from someone on the trip.

2. Your brand orange lip stain, some neon blush and colored liner. You grab the basic – mascara, foundation, concealer – as an afterthought.

3. Red lipstick, pressed powder. mascara, eyeliner. Done.

4. Your eyeshadow palette, a few mascaras, foundation, at least five lip colors, eyeliner, foundation, the list goes on and on…

What’s your go-to lip color?

1. Uh….does chap stick count?

2. Right now it’s a deep purple but you don’t really believe in go-tow.

3. A high-end matte red.

4. Some sort of pink probably but you can’t pick just one exact shade. You sort of own a lot.

What color is one your nails at the moment?

1. They’re unpolished and/or pretty chipped right now.

2. A few different colors, actually. You like to experiment with different manis.

3. You hate to sound like a broken record but….red. Or maybe nude.

4. Hot pink with a metallic gold accent nail.

Who is your Hollywood beauty icon?

1. Jessica Biel

2. Rihanna

3. Jessica Chastain

4. Selena Gomez

All the ladies on Pretty Little Liars look fierce 24/7. Whose look do you most admire?

1. Emily

2. Aria

3. Spencer

4. Hanna

It’s a Saturday night and you’re heading out. What are you most likely wearing?

1. Skinny jeans, a plain tank and – more likely than not – flats of some sort.

2. You’ll probably just throw a bunch of stuff together at the last minute. It’ll probably involve a leather jacket, though.

3. A simple, flattering black dress and pumps with a clutch.

4. A short, tight dress in a fun color and sky-high heels.

What’s your definition of a low-makeup day?

1. A day when you wear absolutely no makeup, which actually happens quite often.

2. A bold lip and nothing else, except maybe a bit of base and/or mascara.

3. Foundation, concealer and a bit of mascara.

4. Foundation, concealer, mascara, eye shadow, blush and lipstick.

Pick your preferred hairstyle:

1. Air dried and loose.

2. A huge, high topknot.

3. A sleek blowout.

4. Big, gorgeous curls.


Mostly 1s: You’re laid back, at least when it comes to beauty….but you probably already knew that. You’re one of those girls who is so ridiculously comfortable with her natural appearance, which is pretty awesome.

Mostly 2s: You’re a fearless trendsetter. You march to the beat of your own drum. You’ve probably started quite a few new looks without even really realizing it. People always look to you because you have a natural knack for predicting trends.

Mostly 3s: You’re a classic beauty. Red lips, sleek hair, nude nails – your look is precise, sophisticated and elegant. You don’t jump to try every trend; you’re far more comfortable in the basic pieces and looks that make you feel comfortable.

Mostly 4s: You’re the ultimate girly, makeup loving queen. When it comes to beauty, you know you stuff. You always go glam because you just happen to love that look and you’re probably the one in your group of friends who ends up doing everyone else’s hair and makeup all the time.

[Lead image via Getty / Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff]

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