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Cosmic Candy: Full Moon Manifestos, September 8th – 14th



We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries & Aries Rising

Maybe I am misunderstood. Maybe I am misquoted. Maybe I am misspelled in the book of life.

But you know what? It’s not really my problem. I may have to say a few words this week that work a nerve or two. I may have to wander through a hornet’s nest just to seek out a friend. I may have to dive, duck and dodge wrenches at dodgeball practice.

If so I will not stir the cracked pot. I will not let the liquids of corrupted concoctions sour my stomach and turn me against real nourishment. I will not be party to those that pit me against another even if that party is just in my head.

I will do my very best to see you as myself.

I will extend to you what I wish to be extended to myself. I will see you through the lens in which I wish to be viewed. I will bring compassion to the table and I will not get up until I have given you a portion the size of Texas.

I will see conflict as opportunity, opportunity that has nothing to do with winning or losing but opportunity that has to do with evolving by any means necessary.

I will take downtime. Like serious Olympic-style naps. I will restore my nervous system. I will not get lost in drama or hype. I will hike up my skirt and climb over the fence that divide us to offer you the wild flowers of my heart. Unless there are signs that say otherwise and then I will just let you be.

I will also ask for what I want and need in a way that lets me hear the echo of my asking and that of others.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

When big water works come I steady myself in the surroundings that soften the blows. I still my beating heart with those that warrant the efforts it takes to see them, be with them and deepen my connection to them. I can see with the light of Monday’s super moon who is able to help support my big visions and who is just flapping gums and hollering hot air.

I am moved to be with those that I feel fortunate to be with and those I feel I can bring good fortune to as well.

I can also use this full moon to wish the wish that is in my heart. I do this knowing full well that I also need to move towards it by healing what is in the way of it. Whatever social norm I have been trying to adhere to needs to be dropped at the wayside and given a fare thee well. This is no time to feel the need to conform but this is high time that I conformed to the set of standards that I hold for myself.

I envision what I want to bring into being. I see with strong sight who stands with me in making this happen. I may not know names just yet but I feel their energy, their intentions and their good graces strongly enough that when I meet them in person I recognize them immediately.

Kindred spirits are the firefly-like lights I look for at the end of the day.

The stressors and strains at my day-to-day gig may be piling up. But there is an area of my life which I may be working at without any kind of recognition. So be it. I have fame and fortune in one area and a little loss and/or suffering in another. These are the components of life that I have agreed, by way of incarnating, to rolling with. My children, my loves, my money, my co-workers and my health are all a part of this parcel so I deal with each domain deftly and without fear of loss of control and without making threats or promises that I cannot keep. I stay open to feedback and I’m OK with making mistakes because I learn so much from them.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Super moons are super helpful and I give thanks for this one. I am healing the image that I have of myself in the world. Sure I have many spots that squeak, many a tender tendon and some malfunctioning maneuvers to mend but I allow myself the blessing of being imperfect in public.

I am coming into a deeper alignment with my own wishes and dreams that I have for myself both in my vocation and in the way I am viewed in the world. I know that it is my view of myself that counts the most. How I feel about who I am in the world is my business and my business alone. Everyone else can tend to their own images, dreams and projections. I have work to do. I have a calling to answer.

Many of my love affairs and many of my creative projects are boiling over. Tension abounds but that isn’t always a bad thing especially if I can keep my perspective as pristine as possible. I dont take personal what isnt mine to personalize. I let my lovers lean on me when needed but I also encourage them to strengthen their own self-supporting spine. I allow my “babies” both in human form and in other creative containers to also find their way. I love with an open hand and a free heart. I meet any difficult conversations with a deepened sense of compassion, patience and a willingness to ponder what would be best for all involved.

I know that I want to be a solution instead of a problem and so I actively seek ways to be such a steadying factor. This is easy to do in easy times but not as simple in the ones that swell with snarky side-eye and sneering jeers. So I side-step, shimmy and dance with the rabbits I pull out of hats in order to avoid unnecessary messy-messy. I’m not here to create more mayhem unless it’s filled to the tippy-top with magic.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

There could not be a better time to pack my bags and be on the lookout for great grand adventures and polish my shoes for deviously destabilizing dances. This super moon harvests much of my talent, many of my madcap philosophies and points me in the direction of my intuitive knowledge.

My gut is my go-to guide.

It informs my feet. I might not be good with maps but when I remember to tune into my internal GPS I am good to go. This gives me calm in times of great storming. I do not have any need to norm my needs. I don’t have to worry about the directions that others go in because mine doesn’t make sense in their light of day anyway.

This is no dress rehearsal.

I either get behind myself or get out of the race. There’s no need to not take this life seriously unless I just plan on skating around the issues I came into this body to work with.

I hang with the things that won’t settle in my stomach. I watch the ways in which my life may be being uprooted. I calm myself in times of upheaval because I am a summoner of self-soothing secrets. There are ways to coat frayed edges and I make sure that I take time to wrap up all the threads that threaten to trail off on tangents.

As long as I remember to return to me, to my space, to my center, and to my intuitive knowing, I am refreshed. I am spacious and I am able to see possibilities not present when trauma takes over.

Leo & Leo Rising

I take precautions with my precociousness, not to belittle or diminish my cognitive capabilities but to make sure that I am not stumbling upon hornets nests of hubris unnecessarily.

That kind of drama takes too much time to recover from.

I side-step being sideswiped by well meaning Mothers of Mayhem by remembering that I don’t, actually, need to be the life of every party. Maybe I fear this. Maybe I fear that not being central means that I am not at all. Maybe I fear holding my tongue in times when I know that I could light up the room with my insight.

But right now I would rather not get struck by lightning.

I work out my discontent in darker spaces, private places and hidden races. I go inward to face my real fears instead of just creating more buzz and brouhaha in the neighborhood.

I call my therapist, my counsellor, my healers, withes and wizards. I make appointments with those that I can chew on the tuff tangents with. I do not put myself down or diminish my value when I deal with these demons. I know that this is just a part of life that makes me a human among humans, working it out and willing to waltz to weirdness. Because healing isn’t a straight line. Because healing has it’s own agenda. Because healing is wise and wondrous when I give it the space to be.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

You could not be a more perfect reflection for me. You could not be a more accurate account of how well I am able to stand in the complexities of relationship, keeping my connection to myself intact and my connection to you sincere. I stand in the center of this teeter-totter with a great respect for the learning that can be accomplished in such a tension.

I intuitively understand the interconnectedness of the “us” while valuing the experience of the “me”. It’s not one or the other, this is a both/and kind of deal.

I listen to how you make me feel. I hear the murmurs in my muscles that tighten or release when you are present. I listen to the clues that you send me about how I effect you so that I can be open, responsive and transparent in my process with you.

I don’t hide how I really feel. These past weeks have taught me invaluable lessons about how to put voice to my frustrations while not getting hung up on vindication.

At the end of the day what I really long for, what fills me with an abundant sense of safety and sweetness is what I give to others, how much love I leave them with and how much of theirs I am able to let in.

I let this love in. I let this love out. I let it be known that I am here for the full experience of living with other beings and waking up to the fact that we are all inextricably linked. For better and for ever.

Libra & Libra Rising

My health comes first. I feed this marvelous machine with fruits of fulfillment and cocktails of considerable courage.

I trust the energy in my body. When I get stuck energetically I know that I need to do the small or large activities that help me digest the bigger emotions, the psychic clogs and the mental meanderings that lead to foggy bogs. My routines keep me grounded. My practices keep me perfectly poised in many a storm.

Life doesn’t always have to be sweet to be oh-so-superb. My strength is reason enough to feel satisfied, fortified and formidable. There are many life lessons about disruption that this year has taught me. There are many lessons I have learned about how to find balance in the billowing winds of change. There are many lessons about conflict, resolution and discord that I have learned to love.

I do not fly off the handle when traversing over bumpy roads. I do not lose my momentum just because the government would rather spend money on drones than fill in potholes at home. Instead I get stealth. Instead I get scheming and teaming with other ways to counter the argument. I get wise to the wounds I might stumble upon when interacting with others and though it may be inevitable that we meet, at least with this consciousness I don’t have to take it personally.

I stand by my convictions, my gut level intuition and my my desire to see things as they are. May I be granted the courage to do so for this week and far off into forever.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Having fun is healing! I need to have fun in order to heal. I know this so I let myself do this. I don’t hold myself back from this. I throw myself into this with a child-like abandon.

I take a bath like a six year old and the three year olds better watch out because I am about to color over all these walls. My outer life needs to reflect the spark that is my inner life, my soul’s life. This spark cannot be held down, hemmed in or refused unless I agree to that.

Which I do not.

I realize all of the ways that society, culture and religion may have been interpreted and constructed to keep my essential nature locked down in shame, suspicion and fear of retribution but to the best of my ability I do not cooperate with such repugnant regimes.

If I have learned anything these past few weeks it’s that I would rather face the consequences of being in a righteous battle than face the pain and suffering of folding in on myself. I know what fights are mine to suit up for and I let the others rage on without me.

When I am not on the field I make sure to take time to restore. I am a napping champion. I get detailed information in my dreamtime. In fact I am working something out here that is beyond my conscious comprehension so I make sure to give myself enough zzzz’s to please the Goddesses of Sweet Surrender.

I don’t hold back and I don’t burn out.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

I intuit the fractures in my family, I do not deny my inner knowledge about this. I remember the wounds that have informed my sense of self and sense of safety but I do not rest there. I know how to get up and go beyond the paradigm that my well-meaning (but perhaps off-the-mark for me personally) parents laid out.

I know how to get lost in the soup of this sort. I know how to cower in the face of this clan’s issues, lessons and demands. I know how to and I am learning how not to.

I forgive them for their fear and I forgive me for mine.

Forgiveness is my key to freedom. But this is not a lll-lay-down-and-be-your-doormat deal. This is me forgiving what I can so that I am free from the burden of it. This is honest. This is real. The pieces I am not ready to forgive, I don’t. Until I am.

Therefore for comfort I can turn to those that I have chosen as family. Those seeds of companionship that I planted, prayed over, watered with my tears of gratitude, growing pains and relief. I turn to those fruits for comfort, those arms for armor and those shoulders for leaning. This may be difficult for me. I may have to ask for help in ways I dread. I may have to ask for favors that make me look unfavorable (or so I think) or I may have to confront fears in these friendships and relationships that I. Just. Don’t. Want. To.

But this week says I must.

However, I remember that confronting fears is not the same as confronting people. When I confront the festering phobias that threaten to take me under, I, at the very least, break their spell over me. I, at the very least, remember the power of intention and the way to right action.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

I communicate what I need to in order to further my healing. I search for the words that can best represent the truth without trying to fray the fabric of my relationships. I am ready to relinquish yet another layer of mental debris. Healing my mind heals the pathways to the rest of me. My heart is helped by my ability to hinder the retelling of outdated, dogmatic and inhumane traditions.

The truth is that this little life is about what I choose. And when I know better I choose better. When I know better I can choose love, when I don’t I choose fear.

But sometimes Grace intervenes.

Sometimes Grace intervenes and love is chosen for me. I meditate on that Grace this week. Because I know this; I can accomplish anything and everything but it won’t make me feel whole. I can accomplish anything and everything but unless I do so with the intention to make meaningful connections in each moment I’ll end up with a big, huge, empty monument to accomplishment but no feeling of fulfillment.

I’m not here to blunder through my conquests. I’m here as an inhabitant of this short and sweet physical experience. While here I try to retain the memory of my vast and limitless spiritual being to the best of my ability. In that remembering I can engage the world with a sense of play instead of a feeling of obligation, worry or fear.

I’ve never shied away from anything because it was difficult.

I let this remembering be easy. I let this remembering be sweet. I let this remembering be the center of my day and my reason for living it.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

I stand in the center of my convictions so that I may know them better. The more I stand for something the greater challenge it receives from the outside world. I stand in the center of my convictions so that I may know what it is about them that is worth standing for. I cannot, I will not, I refuse to take anything at face value. I welcome the opportunity to defend my life’s thesis.

Bring it.

And at the same time I don’t have to know all the answers to your questions. In fact the act of pondering is profoundly powerful and I do not forfeit my right to do so, thank you very much. I don’t have to know all of the why’s and how’s and who’s right now because I give validity to intuitive knowledge as much as I do intellectual. And yet I don’t shy away from your questions, I hear your concerns and I know that at the end of the day I have to follow the faith that fortifies me. I don’t dwell in doubt that is rooted in shame. I don’t deal pills from pity parties. I don’t fall prey to financial fears and I don’t disrespect the dollars that did find me.

I find righteous ways to respect myself.

I find value in my visions and I find valor in my ability to make them a reality. Sometimes creating new horizons means smashing down old structures. Life is predicated on death after all, so I save the potentially deadly for the deeds that must be done and I leave the rest of the riled up rage alone.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Inherent in the pain is the remedy for it. Inherent in the fantasy is the reality of what I yearn for. Inherent in my being is the willingness to heal.

I was not made to exist merely in fantasy. I am an actual person fully formed with skin, bone and teeth complete and able to chomp into life and mash it up so I might get the most nutrients from it. I am here, in flesh, which means my appetites matter.

I am not alive merely to live out some family legacy or to be trapped in its dynasty. I can honor my ancestry and live my own life at the same time. Guilt carries no creed in my code of honors. Consideration does. Contemplation does. Caring surely does. But the courage to break away from the harmful beliefs that have been carved into my cortex is with me. I tackle the tremendous, the things that were meant to be kept a secret in my home and all those relationship dynamics that I have been too terrified to tame. I will not be tormented by my mind’s meanderings into Anxious Annie terrain because I know that the most powerful thing to do with a fear is to name that sucker.

I free the truth into the whistling winds of wisdom.

Not recklessly. Not without checking that the ears I bend be able to hold the weight with me. Not without making sure that I am caring for my own safety. But when I find the space to out my anxieties and crack the ego that thinks it can do it on its own, I fill that space to the brim.

Because as I heal those around me heal too. As I give myself the dignity of a moment of honesty in the face of all I fear I lend that dignity to all who know me. Because the truth of the matter is that I want to know me. Better than my momma, better than my bestie, better than my Maker. I want to know me and all that I am capable of so that at every turn I can know what it is I am to do that would bring about the best scenario for the entirety of my life.

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