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Special Report: Icky Mississippi State Sorority Girls Are Allegedly Pooping Around Campus


ADPi Pooping

We have some very serious news to report. Members of Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) sorority at Mississippi State University are allegedly (likely) pooping all over campus. Outdoors. Out. Of. Doors. I cannot stress enough that these ladies are pooping outside on campus.

A tipster sent Total Sorority Move the following email:

On Saturday September 6, 2014, Mississippi State’s campus was literally hit by a shit storm. Rumors the following morning spread about campus through social media ( particularly yik yak) of several freshman ADPis taking dumps all across fraternity row. Apparently mystery poops were found or witnessed in the following places: a trashcan, on top of a cooler, and in the front lawn of the Pi Kappa Alpha house. The names are left [out] to protect the guilty but it has been confirmed that the dumps were taken by two separate girls both pledging ADPi.

So let me now pose the following question (God help me, I never thought this sentence would leave my mouth): Are these two freshmen girls publicly pooping because they think it will make them popular? Do you now get awarded coolness points for pooping in boys’ coolers? Because that’s really not a world I want to live in. If any of you attend Mississippi State and know about what’s going on, let me know! I’m really going to lose sleep over this one.

CC Breaking News Central — over and out.

[Lead image via Twitter]

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