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When Short Shorts Fall Short: An Ode To The Best Summer Fashion Fail


shorts lead

Shorts. Who doesn’t love ’em? You can let your gams roam free without feeling a little awkie about where the wind blows like you do with a skirt. Sometimes, it can happen to anyone, the shorts fail you.

You’re left with nothing but a wedgie and bare butt cheeks. It’s happened to me. I’ve seen it happen to other women. A lady walking in front of me was wearing a pair of shorts and her tote bag pulled the fabric up. A singular butt cheek was left hanging in the wind. Of course some douchebags kept shouting, “I can see your ass cheeks!”

Sometimes we fail fashion (like when we invest in too much camo) but sometimes fashion fails us. The world promised us high waisted short shorts that would make us look like models from American Apparel ads. Can you really blame these homeboys and homegirls for not knowing what’s what when their booties became as overexposed as a Kardashian life choice. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with it.

Let it all hang out. Here are the 12 most amazing short short fails—no—wins!

Emerald is an editor at CollegeCandy, lover of coffee, and pretend francophile. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. Tweet at ya' girl @EmeraldGritty.