The 5 People You’ll See At New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is in full swing right now, and while shows from the likes of Mara Hoffman and BCBG Max Azria are the main attraction, the street style is almost as important to the whole NYFW experience. In case you missed it, shots of bloggers galore strutting around in their best fashion duds are circulating the Internet – but the super put-together blogging ladies aren’t the only Fashion Week attendees (they do happen to be the most visible though, with the possible exception of celebs). If you’re heading to NYFW or peeping in on the fun from your laptop, prepare to see these five people milling about…

The PR Girl

Who she is: An employee (likely entry level) at a firm or design house.

How You’ll Recognize Her: She’s wearing all black and has her hands full with a clipboard and the largest Starbucks cups you’ve ever seen. She doesn’t stop moving – alternating seamlessly between barking orders into her microphone and cheek kissing editors. You get a little dizzy if you look at her too long but you can’t quite tear your eyes away from her because her hustle is just that impressive.

The Successful Blogger

Who she is: The girl who literally makes money by wearing free clothes in photos (#goodlife) and has, like, a million Instagram followers.

How you’ll recognize her: She’s that girl sitting in the front row, Instagramming constantly and wearing a blazer as a cape (strewn over her shoulder, her arms not in the sleeves). She’s wearing an outfit that costs more than half you wardrobe (it was gifted to her by the designer). You notice she’s busy Instagramming during the show which is sort of sad because she has the best seat in the house. She WILL be featured on every street style blog, even if no one actually likes her outfit.

The Not-So-Successful Blogger

Who she is: The girl who is just starting out as a blogger and thinks Fashion Week will be like, the best thing ever.

How you’ll recognize her: She’ll be the girl standing outside Lincoln Center, uncomfortable shoes in hand, trying to book an earlier flight back home because this shit kind of blows and no one is letting her into any shows.

The Editor

Who she is: The high-level fashion editor of a major magazine. She’s tremendously influential but no one recognizes her…and she may not even be sitting front and center.

How you’ll recognize her: She’s wearing the most normcore outfit you’ll see at Fashion Week – I mean, it’s gorgeous and elegant but it’s way more normal than anything you’ll see from the street style star. She’s here to do work, not get her picture taken.

The Street Style Wannabe

Who she is: The girl walking around in the strangest getup – probably a fur coat and sunglasses even though it’s neither cold nor sunny.

How you’ll recognize her: She’s literally just standing there posing and/or walking by photographers over and over again.

[Lead image via Laura Cavanaugh / Stringer / Getty Images]

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