18 Signs Your Roommate Is Kind Of A Jerk

College is prime time for crappy roommates. (As is your early adulthood.) Unless you can afford a place of your own, you’re bound to be crammed into a small space with approximately one million other human beings that you don’t know. Needless to say, living with strangers can be a horrifying experience. You never know what you’re willing to live with, what you absolutely can’t stand and how absolutely oblivious other human beings can be until you live with a stranger.

All of your roommates won’t suck but a lot of them will. When you live with someone closely it’s easy to want to give them the benefit of the doubt. In case you’re wondering, “Is my roommate an actual thoughtless psychopath?” This is your check list.

1. Your food seems to be “magically” disappearing from the refrigerator.

2. Your beauty products appear to be “mysteriously” dwindling in volume.

3. You come home to find there is a party going on—that you weren’t invited to.

4. Your landlord calls, “Why is the rent late?” But you already gave it to your roommate to send the check in.

5. You find yourself cleaning their dirty dishes because you know they won’t get done any other way.

6. There is always loud, turn up music playing after 1AM.

7. You always have to buy the toilet paper.

8. They “ask” to borrow your clothing as they’re returning the items to you. “I hope you didn’t mind me borrowing your cute skirt last night.”

9. They make passive aggressive comments about the people you have over.

10. They constantly have people stay over without ever asking if you mind the couch becoming somebody’s bed for two weeks.

11. They’ve moved their bae in without asking you.

12. Passive aggressive notes decorate your home like string lights and family photos.

13. They use all the hot water.

14. When exactly will it be your turn to use the bathroom this morning?

15. They’re always late with the rent but always have new clothes.

16. Whenever you ask your roommate not to do something she comes back at you with some defensive remark.

17. You barricade yourself in your room to avoid any interactions.

18. They aren’t shy about getting it on all over the house.


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