Miley Cyrus Shares Her Trick To Make Sperm Taste Good

Miley Cyrus‘ artwork (apparently she makes sculptures now)was featured in Jeremy Scott’s fashion show today for New York Fashion Week. In an interview with V Magazine she described why she created a sculpture of a pineapple with a dick.

Cyrus’s sculptures makes use of teddy bears, cameras, party hats, masks, USB keys and a pineapple. “I did the pineapple because you know what they say about pineapple, right?” she said. “If you drink a lot of pineapple juice you’re going to have yummy cum. So that’s why I put it on the dick with a bunch of babies, and it says, ‘Fuck.’ I try to think about everything so it has a story to me.”

Such artist. Edgy wow. Pineapple cool. I do not want to poo-poo all over Miley’s “art” because it looks like she had a blast doing it. However, I find a hard time calling gluing a bunch of stuff together art but “art” is a subjective word so whatever. I actually really like the teddy bear mask, though. That’s cute.
Here are Miley’s “sculptures.”

[Getty Images]

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