Our Fall Beauty Obsession: Bronze Eyeshadow

We’ve been talking about eyeshadow palettes a lot here recently…but if you’re not someone¬†who wears shadow often, that sort of thing might not appeal to you. Palettes are great and an excellent value but the truth is, unless you wear different shades regularly, you really don’t need an entire palette to get your shadow fix.

That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite standalone shades today. If you’re only going to buy one eyeshadow, and I would say that a lot of people really only need one, our pick is a shade of bronze. Why bronze, you ask? Because that’s a shade that is neutral, flattering on all complexions and easy to wear…but it isn’t too neutral. It’s a little more dramatic than a shade of gold or champagne, but much softer than a black or a gray. It’s a pretty essential shade to have in your collection and you have plenty of options, as evidenced below.

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