This Hair Extension Tutorial Will Give You The Locks Of Your Dreams

Recently I clued you in to a few ways to remedy one of life’s great tragedies: A bad haircut. Whether you’ve just fallen victim to the hands of a scissor-happy hairdresser or you just plain want longer/thicker hair, you can always turn to extensions. Pop a set in and boom – it really is the quickest, simplest way to change up your look. But what happens when you buy yourself a fabulous set of extensions and come home only to realize you have absolutely no idea how the f*ck you’re supposed to apply them? Extensions are like false eyelashes: Impossible to understand for a while until it suddenly clicks, at which point application becomes second nature. That’s why this extension tutorial is so clutch. So watch, get yourself some extensions and make everyone do a double take at your sudden transformation. Now pat your weave, gurl. [youtube=]