We Can’t Wait To Wear These 5 Colors This Fall



Goodbye neons, hello jewel tones. Fall is here, which means it’s time for us to reevaluate our wardrobes. It’s not just about lengthening hemlines and swapping shorts for jeans, it’s also about embracing a different color palette. And while I reject certain fashion rules regarding color (white after Labor Day IS okay and black and brown actually look pretty bomb together) I do believe that’s time to put away your hot pink tank and lime green skirt. There are so many great shades to wear in the fall – there are the four we can’t wait to wear. Spoiler alert: I left black off the list even though it’s the best color OF ALL TIME. It just seemed to obvious.

Charcoal: There’s nothing more luxe or sophisticated than that almost-black shade of gray that look especially nice on cashmere sweaters and long, plush coats. It is one of those colors that looks great on everyone. Bonus: Charcoal isn’t just a great color for clothing. It also makes a great shade for eyeliner and shadow.

Soft gray: It seems like a cheat to put two shades of gray on this list but let’s be honest, gray is right up there with black and white on the list of best colors to wear forever and ever. Soft gray is amazing because it really into that fall color range even though it’s a much softer, lighter color than most other fall shades are. I love plain crew neck sweatshirts in this color.

Navy: There is something so regal and mature about navy blue. It’s a great color because it  toned down a more outrageous outfit so easily. Add it to a brighter look for a welcome addition of something neutral or soften up a black outfit with this less severe shade. See above about my disregard for certain fashion rules – like brown, navy looks awesome with black.

Olive green: What’s so great about olive green? Well, for starters, it’s warmth really brightens up your fading tan. It also stays relevant from year to year and is one of the brighter fall shades. Seek out a wool skirt or blazer in this shade to add a touch of preppiness to your wardrobe.

Beige: There is nothing more versatile and ethereal than a soft silk shirt in a beautiful shade of beige. This shade looks so great in pretty much any outfit – if you’re someone who wears too much black, consider seeking out a beige jacket for a welcome change. And really, is anything better than a pair of beige booties?

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