Our 4 Favorite Celebrity Hair Queens

It’s hard not to feel a certain amount of envy when you see a celeb rocking an outfit you could never afford, getting that perfect bod thanks to a personal trainer you could never afford and wearing perfect makeup, courtesy of a pro (again, that you could never afford). But sometimes you just need to channel that envy into admiration.

We might as well accept that celebs have the time and resources needed to look their absolute best…but every once in a while, a girl’s got treat herself to a treatment that’s worthy of an A-lister. So why not treat yourself to a professional hair styling session? Make it even easier by taking a picture of one of these gorgeous-haired ladies with you.

It wasn’t easy but we managed to narrow down our list of hair crushes to these three ladies.

2014 CFDA Fashion Awards - Outside Arrivals

Blake Lively: When you think of cascading blonde locks, this is the first thing that comes to mind. Blake has that windswept, undone texture that girls spend so much time and cash trying to achieve….only with her, it just seems effortless. All I can say is, Blake, girl, never cut that hair.

GQ Men Of The Year Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

Kim Kardashian: Love her or hate her, you have to admit it: Kim is stunning. She has a great face, a nature-defying body and some of the most lustrous hair in Hollywood. Granted, she probably often wear extensions but you can still tell that her actual hair is incredible.


Mallory Jensen: She’s a relative newcomer – you may know her from ABC Family’s Young and Hungry (watch this if you haven’t; it’s kind of amazing.) She has that beautiful, glossy hair that just curls perfectly and frames her face in such a gorgeous way. It’s kind of unfair.

Maserati At Ischia Global Fest - Day 3

Jessica Chastain: I mean, that color is just insane. There’s nothing like a long red mane that’s always in seriously flawless Old Hollywood-esque curls.

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