The Average Life Twitter Is Your New Favorite Way To Waste Time

I recently graduated college and everyone is telling me how I’m supposed to be excited. Mostly I’m bored. I don’t have a full time job yet and I spend my days on the internet or binge watching shows on Netflix. You might be feeling jealous, but don’t. It’s the worst. I’ve started feeling completely useless. Every time I see a friend or family member they ask how my job search is going. They ask if I’ve got a job. They ask what I’m doing with my life. Truth is: I have no idea. But life in the past few weeks has not my expectations.
If your expectations are also not lining up with reality, maybe it’s time to make your goals more realistic. That’s where “Average Life Goals” Twitter comes into play. Basically, it’ll make you feel so much better about being average. Or it’ll just make you smile. I love their tagline: “Lounging on my used sofa eating granola bars and watching The Price is Right. Appreciate what you’ve got.”
Here are some of my favorites.


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