Cosmic Candy: September 15th – 21st

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!
Aries & Aries Rising
Eclipses are coming! In October. Not to rush you, but just to explain the rumbling. The uncertainty. The shifting ground and the changing winds. Nothing has settled yet. Nothing is quite known. No need to be overly ominous and yet no need to be a numbskull either.
Watch where you are stepping.
Watch how you are setting the stage. You don’t know what’s coming save for a lunar eclipse (an eclipse that takes place on a full moon) in your sign on October 8th. But still. Whatever power you possess to leave space for the unknown, leave it.
Be spacious.
Adopt the mantra, everything works out for the best because if you repeat that to yourself you are more likely to see the good things that arise rather than only the difficulties.
Plan for potholes.
But look for loopholes. Be patient. Wear extra padding. Practice bouncing with the bumps. Know that life is sometimes like this and then other times it’s like that. It will always change. And then change again.
Remain calm at all times.
Whenever possible get still, centered and poised. With each upset ask yourself, how important is this? And can I do anything to help myself in this moment? How can I be supportive to myself here? What is the most loving response in this moment?
Feelings tend to take the shape of foes at first glance, but upon deeper inspection and a moment of contemplation we can get wise to their wonders and open ourselves to the abundance of information, healing and revealing they provide. Feelings are not facts, but they can lead us to some pretty deep truths.
Taurus & Taurus Rising
There seems to be an aspect of merging that you are working on. An aspect of merging that has you perhaps more prone to lose yourself and live life for another.
But we all know how the story of self-undoing ends.
It’s not a good deal people, not for you and not for those you are in bed and business deals with. And we also need to live together, work together, eat together and share a planet together so there is a tremendous need to learn how to become connected in healthy and mutually beneficial ways.
It’s just that we have to deal with all the psychological material that is brings up. Otherwise we are just reliving, retelling and revisiting all the things that bring us down, drive us round the bend and take up too much of our precious time. If we want to create healthy partnering we have to deal with what we have inherited from those we come from.
It’s just that it’s not easy to see in tunnels of abandonment.
You cannot, if you so choose, ever abandon yourself though. And when you become your primary focus and you steady your internal gaze there, you become remarkably irresistible to partner with. But not if used to trap another, tame another or taunt another. It’s gotta be free, they have to be willing and we have to be ok whether we get what we want or not.
Gemini & Gemini Rising
Partners, people, power plays, confusing ways in which you might interact this week could send you reeling. Try to stay out of victim webs, the weave is too tight and you might be too tender to truly fight.
But, just in case, let’s go over the safety tips that will rescue you if you get spun into a cocoon of confusion. Remember to stay calm. Remember that giving in to your knee jerk reactions will wind you up even tighter in the trap. Remember that when all else fails you can always play dead (your captor may forget all about you). Remember that wearing your invisibility cape is sometimes the bravest choice you can make. Remember that most times you feel confused you aren’t, but if you can’t feel any other way keep telling yourself that you know what to do when you need to know it.

These are important safety guidelines to review before you get the onslaught of social action that is brewing in your chart. I can say that from this point of view whatever you are doing or plan on doing with those you call your band of misfits, it’s bound to be pretty wild, pretty raucous and pretty life changing. Those around you might need your help.
Most times the best thing that we can do for others is to stay out of another person’s drama. That way they are forced to find their own route through the rocky terrain of life that we all must traverse. That way they can grow up and feel there own feet. That way we give them the dignity of believing they have the strength to take on the task at hand.
Cancer & Cancer Rising
Don’t slack on your duties this week. You might be tempted to lose the plot, drop the ball or walk out on your work. Don’t do it. Hold steady when you’d rather wander and try not to take breaks that are just escapes from the real work ahead of you.
Most of the work still has to do with your ability to ground, your ability to connect to the basics and be in your bones. Your ability to be real will rally your courage in times that you fear you’ve lost it. You might want to take a moment to consider your relationship to this domain of your life. You might want to start to compile the components that you will eventually build your base with. This isn’t an all together new base, but a base for the next go round, a-what-might-I-need-to-make-this-year-pop type of base. There is always work to do in this area of our lives and it just so happens that your next six weeks is all about it.
You’ll review what you want. Rework your plumbing. Go back to the drawing board and re-pen your blue prints (white out won’t work as well as redrawing the whole thing exactly as you’d like it). You are allowed to make minor and major adjustments-just don’t do so out of panic, fear or the illusion of lack of choice or you’ll pay dearly for it later.
This base needs to be bodacious because there are big gigs singing your praises. If you feel solid where you stand you will be able to rumble with the big life cat calls come the first eclipse on October 8th. Whatever that event brings all the way over there, all you can do now is feel solid, sturdy and stable in yourself right here because the ground has a way of constantly shifting.
Leo & Leo Rising
There are many things that you’ll need to say in the coming weeks. You’ll be forced to but, remembering that you are fortified with the well-being of a spiritual master, you’ll know that you can say some of the most unsettling truths without getting into too much hot water.
Let people know that you’ve got their best interest at heart and in mind.
You’re most definitely being asked to hold more. That’s what being a teacher is about. We can see the answer and yet we have to set up the course so that others get there or somewhere far better all on their own.
Dependence is death. Interdependence is it.
So this week if there are issues around love and romance that get you freaked out, fumbled up and feeling foiled again remember to step back and get a wider perspective. Remember that art can save your soul and may be the only thing that has ever kept humanity here through thick and thin. So make some. You need to. We need you to. Feel how your use of whatever creative tools call you can and does literally shift your energetic body, the ways in which you think and your ability to see past any confusion. Possibilities exist when we make the effort to find our way to them.
Virgo & Virgo Rising
Something like this might be your mantra this week, “I make friends with the forces that find strength in the night. I find ways to transform my fears into fortunes. Look, I get it. This life isn’t about getting my version of it. This life is about turning lead into gold and not being broken in the process. I need a sturdy enough container (read: healthy use of this ego thing I have been given) in order to alchemize what comes my way. The times in which things are sweet and easy are great and groovy and those that aren’t, just aren’t. No sweat. I accept it all because it’s my life and these are my lessons.”
It looks like you get to utilize your powers for good this week and also confront a condition of the heart. Hearts have all kinds of conditions: fantasies, foolery, fear and an ability to fumble towards ecstasy. However, we can only do that last one when we feel that we are free to make mistakes. Mistakes are important. Falling down rabbit holes is harrowing. Getting tricked is trying. Such is the nature of life’s lessons.
Not being sure of which direction to take can also be a piece of this week’s puzzle so stop and take note of the little signs around you. Orient yourself. Pause. Notice. Ponder. Go home and fix the things that need fixing. Garden. Harvest. Tend to small critters. Put things to bed for the winter. Cast spells of calm and restoration over the land that is ready to rest.
Get your home ish organized. Work there. Don’t get caught in the webs of family foolery tho. keep your side of the bed crumb-free and your side of the family feud free of threats you don’t intend to keep and fears that are unfounded. Seek to understand your familial folks rather than to be understood by them.
Libra & Libra Rising
You are back in the hot seat my friend…but really it’s more of a turned around upside down seat.
It’s really been just one big life lesson liaison. I mean two back-to-back retrogrades in your sign within a couple of months of each other?? That’s a lot of reviewing. That’s a lot of weighing. That’s a lot of going back and forth and over and around what it is you know that you need to look at, be with and return to.
First Mars was, for like, EVER, retrograde in Libra and now Mercury come October. I know, I’m rushing you but this week Mercury enters it’s shadow phase. The shadow phase is like a highlight reel before you’ve seen the game. It’s a review of a backwards movement.
maybe like a double negative, but it’s a good indication of what is to come. The issues arising now will be even more present come the Libra new moon on September 24th and throughout October.
No matter what will happen for your future self, what’s important is that you have compassion. If you know that you are a little low on the good stuff now you do have time to run to the store and grab some before game time. While you’re there, get an extra family-size bag.
For now, don’t fret it or sweat it. For now, as much as you can, don’t worry about what needs to be said. Don’t even try to say it if you aren’t sure. there might be many a confusing conundrums this week. Things you thought were going one way and end up a whole new direction. It’s not a time to figure stuff out, it’s really just a time to watch how it wanders and wonder along with it.
Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
It’s important to have times that are constructed specifically to space out so that we can honor the hours. We don’t need to plough through every moment of life. We do it a great disservice if we do.
I mean I get that you are on a mission. Money is involved and in a lot of ways it’s time to make some. I get that there is a tremendous ton of work that you are more than willing to get through and that for more than one reason, this is the time to do so, I just want to caution against forging through ground that might trip you up.
You can take a moment.
In fact, since we are headed into some pretty wild astrology in the next month and a bit, I urge all to slow the fuck down. This shit is about to go off and go off fast. So why not take the last week of the sun’s passing through Virgo and integrate.
What have we just done? How do we feel about it? What has it shifted, shined a light on and how have we been changed by it?
And that other thing…what is it? Something that we talked about for the full moon? Oh, yes, I remember: FUN!
Get some.
Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
Fear of moving. Fear of staying. Fear of fog and not being able to find one’s way in it. These are all good reason to fear and yet the most important thing to keep in mind is that big moves aren’t always founded on good vision.
Sometimes the goggles are all steamed up.
If so, taking deliberate, slow and steady steps can improve safety. Feel what ground is under you before firing off in all directions. Or even in one. I mean, I know you are itching to move but there is reason for more caution to pause and pray than there is a green-light go-ahead.
At this moment.
But moments pass. They move on and roll into other reasons for existing. Moments go on to other agendas. This fog is fleeting, but it’s important not to pretend it isn’t there. A wise woman named Nancy once said to me that sometimes saying I dont know is the most spiritual thing we can do. She is a Sagittarius. She knows a thing or twenty. I’d listen if I were you. Well, I already listened as me and it works out quite well.
There’s a lot of momentum. There’s a lot more coming. There’s a getting swept up and a losing one’s footing just round the bend. Beware, be aware. That’s all. Not be afraid. Just to have your ears perked, eyes open and feet on the firm. It’s all we need 99% of the time.
Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
The best thing to do with this week is to take a good look at any subconscious fears that arise in terms of how you fit into this weird and wonderful world and how any of those stories most likely began in childhood. What were you taught about finding friends? What were your parents relationships to their communities? How have you challenged that, changed that or dreamed a new way for your self into being? How well have you done at being able to create a social context that is nurturing yet not conditional or withholding.
How do you find your place out here?
Or you might just want to sleep a lot and let your dreams work it out. There is still work to do with our dream stuff but there is also a trust that is inherent when we know how important that part of our life is. There are some things that just need to bump around in the night before we can know what to do with them in the light of day.
Most of the tension that you’ll be held to the task of containing in the next few weeks has much to do with your position in the world. You are wired to walk this road but this is a time of some pretty big and unexpected changes in your personal life. It may have you momentarily doubting certain scenarios that you hadn’t. You’ll surf these waves (and we’ll talk more about it) but just know that if things are rumbling now, it’s for good reason. Listen but don’t overreact. Tame tension with a steady gaze and a trained mind.
Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
Put off everything else for the truth. Waste no time in situations that aren’t speaking directly to your soul. If you don’t have a larger vision for your life you need to get one, asap. If not there will be too many conversations, thoughts and ruptures in your reasoning to survive this season with yourself intact.
What is the overarching component of your belief system that helps you move through the more difficult tales you need to tell? What helps you speak your truth when all other evidence points to the contrary? It’s important for us to know what it is that holds us together, what philosophies we can adhere to in stormy weather and waylaid journeys. What it is that moves you through the harder talks with the tougher cookies in your life?
Beware of looking for saviors, saints or even sad sacks to take care of. Beware of being taken off course or by being worked by another’s woes (especially your own). You are on a mission right now. You have work to get done. You need your time and your own tune to bop along to. You need to gather those that are good to you, those that can help and those that have no interest and hold no stake in keeping you from your truth.
Pisces & Pisces Rising
Like it or not we live in a world based on reputation. We are social creatures, we can’t help it. Make sure that this week doesn’t trick you into tarnishing yours just for the sake of you saving face or being sweet. Honesty holds more gold than morphing oneself into whatever is needed in the moment.
That can be a good way to escape situations that leave you no other choice though.
It’s not always safe to tell the world the truth. There is a force in you and specifically with you in spades these past few years that speaks to the powers of subtlety. Spells, sneaking, side-winding and putting others to sleep so that one can find their way to safety is a part of this magic. You may need to put this cunning charisma to good use this week if there is no other way out.
Just weigh your options. But more than that stay awake so that you can be conscious of what they are. You don’t have to shrink just because someone asked you to. You don’t have to lie if the only reason to do so is so others don’t have to do their own work.
It’s time you laid out some definitive statement (at least energetically) about what your capabilities are and because of that what your worth is. October wants you to do your finances differently. Charge more if your rates need to rise. Believe in your worth if that’s your first thing to devalue. Defy your own consciousness around not having enough, not being enough and not being able to ask for enough.
There’s more than enough and there’s no need to starve yourself on any level.
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