30 Teeny Tiny Earrings That Go With Everything

Move over arm candy because ear candy is making its way into my soul and vanity drawer.
I have tiny wrists, it’s truly a curse when trying to find a bracelet that fits (none of them do) and so I often have to find alternative ways to accessorize. Rings often get in the way of my job. I am a professional blogger, thus I am contractually tethered to a keyboard lest Satan come for my first born puppy. Necklaces are great but can often clash with a look.
When I am perusing my favorite fashion blogs and street style photos I can’t help but covet the stacks on stacks on stacks of arm candy. Alas, when will my wrists grow to normal proportions? It isn’t worth binging on chips to hope the sodium bloat will inflate my arm-ankles. Instead of stacking arm candy, I’ve resulted to stacking earrings. Teeny, tiny, itty bitty earrings. The pros are that earrings are cheaper, come in a wide variety of styles and shapes and go with everything. The cons are losing all those little earring fasteners and stepping on them with bare feet.
These 30 teeny tiny earrings will surely convince you to run out and get your ears pierced (or do it at home, like I did).

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