The Virgin Diaries: 9 Perks of Not Popping Your Cherry

I’m kind of tired of having pity parties and support groups over being a virgin. Despite mainstream media saying that being a virgin is the worst thing in the world, it actually isn’t all that bad. I’m not dead, starving or in possession of a life threatening illness! Sure, I’m full of sexual frustration, but my life is pretty damn good. In fact, it not popping your cherry has its rewards. As a matter of fact, all you non-virgins should be jealous by how easy virgins have it!
Here they are. Eat your hearts out.
1. You never have to wonder if you’re pregnant or not
You can use the $20 you saved on not buying a pregnancy test on getting your nails done, or getting Chipotle, or lipstick and other things that make you happy!
2. You know self-control
Sex isn’t hard to find, so the fact that you’ve steered clear of it is quite a feat.
3. You don’t have to buy condoms (but you keep a few from the health center handy just in case!)
$5 Footlong here I come!
4. You don’t have to deal with all the emotional baggage sexual relations come with.
I’ve seen my friends lose their minds over dudes who they were too emotionally attached to (because they had sex!). They can keep that over there, I’m good.
5. Did I mention you’re not pregnant? Oh, okay.
6. Mates really appreciate the other things you have to offer.
I mean…why else are they staying around?
7. You play the “innocent” role in all other parts of life
When some shit goes down no one ever suspects that you had a hand in it. Who suspects the pure little angel? Just keep those dirty hands behind your back.
8. People are proud of you
This usually come from people who are older than you and sometime your peers. It’s kind of awkward but you still feel good about yourself.
9. You aren’t pregnant!
In all serious getting pregnant isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you, some people welcome it. Hell, my mom was my age when she had me! But I’ve seen my friends go through scares, miscarriages, abortions, having douchebags be the father of their kid and struggling to raise the child. It’s not easy. Making those decisions are hard and have lasting effects. I’d rather support someone through it than go through it myself.

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