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TKE Fraternity Uses Color-Coded System To Roofie The “Hot Girls” At A Party



For those who still believe sexual assault on campus isn’t a prevalent and pressing issue, the Tau Kappa Epsilon of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee used a color-coded system to more efficiently roofie female guests at their party.

Each girl that was roofied received a “special red X-mark” on their hands so that when they ordered a drink they received one that was roofied.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports, “Police were called three times to the Sandburg Residence Hall between midnight and 1:33 a.m. Saturday as students entered the dorm, unable to stand or walk and with color-coded X’s on their hands from the same party.”

Three female students were hospitalized with the the “special red X-mark” along with another male guest who, sporting the more common “black X-mark,” drank from one of the roofied woman’s drink. Partygoers told the police that when the frat brothers were mixing drinks they were moved under the bar so that they didn’t look visible and that some of the drinks “looked cloudy.”

Women—specifically “hot girls”—were allowed to purchase $8 index cards for “all access” and free drinks at one of the bars in the frat house.

“Police followed up later with the women who were severely intoxicated. One told officers that a Facebook posting said Tau Kappa Epsilon had tried to “roofie” women — that is, give women a “date rape” drug that renders them unconscious — during the party the night before. She recalled a fraternity member got upset when she went behind the bar to pour drinks and was physically removed. She also told officers she had a “weird feeling and sensation prior to blacking out.”

Only one frat member has been arrested and unsurprisingly this frat has come under investigation before for three sexual assaults though there were no charges. If you have any question about how rape is a culture then this should help you understand. This frat has a system in place to sexually assault women.

[Shuttesrtock/Steve Heap]


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