10 Celebrity Books That Are Actually Worth Reading

Is it possible to be rich, beautiful, AND a talented writer? In most celebrity cases, no. A big, resounding no. Books by celebrities are usually a mess of ghost-writing (ie. written entirely by someone else with the famous person’s name slapped on the cover), sob stories, and entirely pointless tidbits and anecdotes. They sell because we’re collectively obsessed with getting intimate, unknown details about famous people’s inner lives, snapped up by super fans out of loyalty or a weird feeling of curiosity. They are nearly always not worth the time or money. But don’t despair, book-lovers who also like celebrities! Because there are some exceptions to the rule. There are in fact some celebrities who are actually qualified to write truly great books, whether they’re hilarious, moving, or informative. Here are 10 books, written by celebrities, that are actually worth reading.