Cosmic Candy: New Moon Manifestations, September 22nd – 28th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week! Aries & Aries Rising I see potential in partnering and I know that nothing costs nothing. So I pay the price that is suitable to sustain sweet, soulful sojourns with my beloved(s). Life is too short to be cheap. Life is too luscious to be tight. Life is too fast to be slow on the uptake. I take up the opportunities to experience love like I am lifting my heart to the heavens for its blessings. I am ready to be blessed by the sweet cracking open that this season promises. I am ready to be blessed by the truth of the matter that has been held hostage for too long in my heart by bitter memories and bad dreams. I am ready to heed the warnings and still wander in wonder. I create with every scrap piece of prose I have been gifted. I create with every inch of philosophical wisdom I am wrapped in. I twist the fabric this way and that, outside and in creating new ways to wear truth. My creative genius cannot be countered because it is mine for the wearing and mine for the flaunting. And I do. Because I am not ashamed to wear my brilliance, not on a date, not out late-late. I am not ashamed of my natural self that is free from fundamentalism and free from fear. I create love from this freedom. I create balance from this bond. I create my life anew. With and without you. Taurus & Taurus Rising I do it for my health. I take the potion, take the class, take the stairs and take the challenge of creating a life worth living one day at a time. I know that the sacred act of becoming all that I want to become is held in the details of doing daily deeds that must be done. I do them. I do them with gratitude for being able to perform such tasks. I am free to refuse my health from prospering but I choose otherwise. I choose to live my life consciously. I choose to live in this body, breath by breath and beat by beat. This new moon is a time to tune into the subtle shifts I need to make in my daily patterns, rhythms and routines. I am interested in serving the things that contain and house me and in what elements of my life bring me back into contact with my base. There are good things brewing here. I am grounding in very good ways. I am able to effortlessly heal old family wounds. I am able to take up my internal space with more grace, less effort and much more ease. I relax in my skin because it is mine to be in. From this spacious place I get creative with those who play fair. I get down to the business of play with a perfect amount of attention to detail. I give my projects and those that are working with me on them some serious love. Like, serious. Love. Gemini & Gemini Rising For a moment I suspend my disbelief. I can always get it back. But for now I hang it in the air, in space and out of the reaches of time. I hang my hat of harboring suspicion so that I might see more clearly through the eyes of optimism and though the mind of possibility. Fortune comes to those who believe it can. Not fleeting fortunes made to fail ultimately, but real sustainable fortune. Like love. Like play. Like squealing with delight over nothing that could be bought or sold. Real fortune is to be found in my relationship to life. Happiness is an inside job and no one can report for that duty but me. No one can do the duty but me, no one, especially not my lovers, children or playmates. Thank Goddess! I’m in need of no one for this very sacred of life’s duties. I enjoy the heck out of others, like really get down to their tunes and to the telling of their tales, but ultimately my happi-ness is my deal. So I plant those seeds this week. I plant seeds of happiness. I plant seeds of fun. I plant seeds of playful pretending. I take life less seriously and I certainly don’t hang on to resentments made in the sandbox. I let my grade 3 teacher off the hook-finally. Because resentment doesn’t travel well. It rots and leaks and finds its way into every other compartment of our soul. It makes sure no one else wants to play with us. It wards off bullies, maybe, but it also keeps away those that are so good at play. I give up my grievances in order to give my gratitude a chance. Cancer & Cancer Rising I return back to the blessings that I can bestow on myself, “I am home, I am home, I am home.” No were else will I find home. Here is home. I am home. Home is here. I lay the seeds of home with every step I take. Feeling a sense of belonging does not spring out of nowhere. I belong here because I command that my energy arrive here. I love this space and it therefore loves me back. I belong to this space and it belongs to me back. I change every space I step into because of this understanding between myself and it and yet I swiftly remove myself from spaces that are unworthy of my work, energy and heart. I’m not the kind to enjoy feeling uprooted, but as long as my first connection is to my internal home, the external ones will show up in ways that delight me. I do not depend on outer circumstances to be perfect and as I evolve this feeling of home I am able to enjoy more of what already is. Things are changing. From the root to the tip. Total overhaul. Totally ready though. Totally ready because there is nothing for me to do but be present to the what is of the world around me, both within and with-out. And I value that experience. I value what I bring to the experience. I value what I earn and I earn my worth. I am open to big beautiful sums of somethings (cash is cool but heaps of self-worth are helpful too) that are unexpectedly appearing at my doorstep and in my accounts of all kinds. I say YES to the bounty of the earthly plane without greed or fear infusing the ways in which I receive it. Leo & Leo Rising I couldn’t stop it even if I wanted too. I wouldn’t stop it even if I could. There are incredible cur-rents of spontaneous magnificence beckoning me to make magic with them so I say YES! More please. I say yes, please. And more, thank you. I do so so that I might share and support via the good gifts granted through me. I become a bigger container for fortune to flow through so I can be a bigger supplier of sustainable sweetness, terrific truths and timely tales of resistance and surrender. I can be grand without being grotesque. I can be a channel for greatness without being an over-bearing, egotistical burden on my community. I can be successful without becoming a soul-sucking hipster. The way in which this luck lands with me is all due to the way I wrap my mind around such for-tune. Do I feel like it’s owed me? Do I feel like it’s beyond me? Do I feel like it’s mine to hold for a time because it is here asking to be? I sprout seeds of gorgeous mind weeds. My thoughts need not be pruned to perfection within an inch of their glory. My thoughts can be as wild as their thinker and as untamed as their maker. My thoughts can be alive with creative chaos and yet weighed with a sturdied stamina. I don’t limit my communications with the unseen realms of life-but I might not go telling every Slick Rick about them. I know great things are rolling down the tracks because I have already seen them coming, dreamed them into being, layered the tracks for there arrival. I know great things are coming because I take my thoughts seriously and gear them towards fruitful fits of fantasy, like seeing myself fully expressed and totally happy. Virgo & Virgo Rising I magnetize the weighty wonder that is my great fortune. I’m not afraid of my potential. I am not afraid to reject the rotten if I end up with a bad apple in my basket. I can eliminate what is past its prime to make more room for what is still in bloom. I’m not afraid to state what I need and ask for what I want. Like, exactly what I want. Because pretending that I don’t deserve it is a downer. Denying my own inheritance is a dis-grace to those who fought so hard for me to have this life. Being too nice to ask for what I deserve is a ridiculous excuse for not wanting to rock the boat. This ship is sturdy enough to survive the storms. I wipe the slate of self-doubt clean. It’s cleared. I value my time and energy too much to waste another moment doubting. I prove to myself that I value the whole of me by balancing my checkbook and writing in my dream journal. I commit to creating new pathways of self-love, self-appreciation and self-celebration because I deserve it. I deserve it because I live in a world with a different agenda. I deserve to celebrate the parts of me that the world excludes, tries to delete or denies altogether. I am only concerned with saving myself and all the parts of me that might be lost at sea. I gather myself, lovingly, patiently and relentlessly. Libra & Libra Rising I am the receptacle for cosmic creation. I am being reinvented, reinvigorated and reworked in every way. It’s OK because I am more than up to the task. This is no one’s job but mine. My balance is brought about by weighing my need for freedom with my need for friendly fun and sexy times. I balance my need for security with my need for revolution. I balance my need to please with my need to resist what is not right for my life. I balance my need for beauty with my need to be sweetly distasteful. I open up to my birthday season with arms wide, ready to embrace a more honest reflection of myself. I look at my reflection in the mirror through both eyes and at both sides. I look within and I look outward to see how my soul is participating in the recreation of my life. Every moment I am recreating myself. Every feeling, every thought, every decision and every action moves me into my next year’s trip around the sun. I take a moment to consider and realign any straggling strays in my energy system. I want my whole self present to receive this present. With this new moon I reset my commitment to reclaiming my radical creativity, my very real rendezvous with fate and the multitudes of gifts that flow from all those around me, to me. I say a big, phat YES to help without hesitation, guilt, shame or mistrust of the gift or the horse who brings it. Scorpio & Scorpio Rising I invite the Creatrix of Careers into my public sphere. I draw strength from the magic that multiplies the possibilities of my vocation. This is more than just a game of fame or disrepute- I vote for a solid spin on the wheel of meaning. I ponder the possibilities of making a living doing work full of meaning. What that meaningful employment may be only I can know. What looks lovely on the outside can still feel like it misses the mark internally. This is my terrain to traverse but this week gives me a boost from out of the blue and a chance to see my passion and purpose clearly. I celebrate the new moon by keeping close tabs on my dreams, demons and demons. I allow for in between moments of downtime so that I might pay special attention to that which goes bump in my night. Getting a better handle on the ways in which my fears, doubts and shame limit the ways in which I show up in the world. I want to say yes to opportunity but I want to do so from a place understanding the gestalt of my situation. Because I have the unique opportunity at the moment to both reinvent, reignite and realign my powers of perception and reconstruct, reform and recommit to myself and my journey (with and without you). I know that some-thing big is brewing. This next patch of ground that I will cover is bringing me into a greater understanding of how I can build my life around my ideals, around my beliefs and around the buzz that beckons me forth. Part of my sacred duty as a being on this earth plane is to infuse the flesh with feeling, to make matter matter and to bring the sacred into the solid. Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising It comes quick, once I work through the delusions and the difficulties of getting caught in webs of wondering, worrying and wigging out. I move at lightening speed, with great goddesses of luck and gods who grant greatness to guide me. This week I am especially tuned to receive lessons from those that are like lighthouses in foggy times. I give thanks for these teachers of truth. I am moving from confusion to wide-eyed revelations. I might shock a friend or two in turn. I may create waves that roll across the boardroom. I might rock the religion right out of the righteous. Not my problem. I need to live this life. I need to find the allies that are on my team and deflect attention from those that are not. I can smile sweet while slipping out to safety. Totally doable. In fact I find ways to be tactful and careful in my communications with those in my social circles and in my workplaces because #mercuryretrograde might have me eating a turn of phrase or two. I mean, I’m about to rock this boat so I might as well make sure i have something to help scoop out the excess water because I am not about to go down with sinking ships. My sights are set and I have sails to get me there. Vision is everything. I find those who share mine and see if they have the courage to keep up. Capricorn & Capricorn Rising My work works. I love it. I show up for it and it graces me with the same gift of commitment. This is a relationship, perhaps one of the deeper ones I work on right now. I don’t question it or hesitate about my devotion to it. I do, however, leave room for reinventions. Yes Mercury retrograde, I see you heading down the track. Breaks on and ready to reverse. But I don’t sweat you. Actually I swear by you. Stand by you. Bet money on the fact that you will bring me more love than lamentations, more laughter than languishing and more patience than self-pity. Why? Because I say so. I’m not privy to group mentality that moans about Mercury’s movements more than it seeks to understand it. I’m not afraid to admit somethings don’t work out. I’m not scared of the fact that some things fall apart. I’m not worried because I work for the sanity of my soul, not a mentality based on scar-city. When it arrives I will use that time to rework, rewrite and revise the things that I am starting now. One step forward and then a little pause. It’s perfect. Perhaps it’s not ideal, but a perfectly plausible place to grow from and that is what I am after. I am here to grow. I am here to learn. I am here to heal. I am here to explore my spiritual dimensions via this physical vehicle. That’s my real vocation. That’s my real purpose. To become utterly humane; breakable, beautiful and beholden to the unshakable bond that connects all sentient beings. Aquarius & Aquarius Rising I clear the decks of my mind so that I am ready to engage with new strategies to help me see by. I am ready to see farther. I am ready to widen, broaden and behold bigger pictures and plans for my life. These aren’t plans planted in the ground. These are insights that I will spend time reworking, reformulating and revisioning. The point is that I let myself wander into worlds I have yet to. The point is that I remember how big my life is. The point is that I remember that I am connected to a much larger plan than the hum of the hamster wheel turning in my brain would have me believe. I’ll find much of this kind of inspiration via those that decide to give me their good love. My partners, my loved ones even those that might drive me round the bend, supply me with open ended questions that lead me to a greater understanding of my own power and my power lies in my ability to move about as my soul seeks to. It’s not aimless wandering. It’s not a vain attempt at living victorious. This seeking is bold in its humility, it’s powerful in it’s pondering and it’s free in its commitment to those that serve up end-less inspiration. I look for love and I find it. I feel for love and am felt by it. I listen for love and it murmurs sweets songs I thought were secrets locked away in my heart. Pisces & Pisces Rising To be real about my wounds is my greatest point of power. In this vulnerability I find my resilience. I will not mask, cover or conceal these hurts for you or another other who is too terrified of their own shadow to accept anyone else’s. I cannot conceal the loss, the grief or the gratitude that has come with these lessons because that would be a denial of my power. The more of myself that I can invite into my everyday the more resources I have to draw from. The more resources I have to draw from the more empowered I am. The more empowered I am the more honest I am. The more honest I am the more in alignment with source energy I am. The more in alignment I am with source energy the more courage I have to do the things that are mine to do. And I have things to do. I am invigorated by the jump-start I get this week. My creativity is finding a home. My desires are landing in tangible reality and I am discovering more and more ways to use the earth plane as a playground. I can bring my creative cravings into reality by dedicating some of my daily grind to realizing them. I work a little everyday on the projects that sustain my soul and set my heart a flutter. I give opportunity an open window to find its way through because if I don’t, who will? For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog,, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]