11 Ways You Know You're A Libra

As a Libra, you know it’s all about staying balanced. But you know what? Sometimes that’s hard to do. I mean, some nights I can barely stay standing in my heels, let alone stay balanced in life! Being balanced doesn’t mean everything has to be even and fair (although we can’t help trying to make it that way!).
Us Libras are more than just little scales, though — we go with the flow, love to spoil ourselves and others, and we’re generally really nice! Here are 11 habits only Libras can fully understand…
1. Just because you’re really nice, doesn’t mean you’re a pushover. In fact, you can pull out the bitch face anytime if needed.
2. You hate being put in the middle of things – especially arguments between friends. But you’ll help sort out their issues because yelling and screaming is the last thing you need during a hungover Sunday brunch.
3. You’re at a natural at socializing, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love spending Saturday nights having a Netflix marathon with your dog.
4. You’re great at weighing the pros and cons in all situations…like on Tinder. Is that his baby in that photo? Swipe left. Firefighter with nice eyes? Swipe RIGHT!
5. You love to indulge in things. Mani-pedis, red velvet cupcakes, those new Tory Burch flats…yes please.
6. You like to please people. Hey there’s nothing wrong with givin’ a little lovin’ (he better return the favor though babe).
7. You’re laid-back, not lazy. It’s annoying when people don’t know the difference…
8. Once again, you’re not leading him on! It’s not your fault you’re so naturally flirty and charming.
9. When we fall – we fall Savage Garden hard. #trulymadlydeeply
10. Deciding between 2 hot guys (or even what dress to wear) is the worst…sometimes you just can’t make up your mind for anything.
11. Drama? No thanks. Keep calm and carry on.

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