17 Things You Didn't Know About Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are the footwear of choice for basic bitches, regular bitches, even bad bitches, hell, Ugg boots are comfortable as fuck that’s why they’re popular every year. Yeah, they look like they were sewn out of a fat guy’s foreskin and stuffed with the shredded remains of our childhood stuffed animals, they’re so ugly they’re called Uggs for Christ’s sake—we all know what’s up, guys—but they feel like dipping your toes into a warm cloud of fireplace goodness.

While Uggs remain the most popular fall boot of people who spend most of their time sitting around, drinking coffee and Instagramming selfies (you know, students and anyone who works in an office, so, like, everybody almost) there are many facts, benefits and interesting trivia about Uggs that most fans don’t know.

1. They Are Very Popular At Parties

2. Many People Associate Them With Fall-Loving White Girls

3. But Ugg Boots Are Very Popular Among Cats

4. Even Men Wear Nasty Ugg Boots With Shorts. Say Hello To Gender Equality

5. There Is No Shortage of Authentic Ugg Boots In The Market. Their Chic Design Is Difficult To Replicate.

6. They Go With Every Outfit

7. There Is Literally An Ugg Boot For Every Occasion 

8. They Provide Great Ankle Support

9. They Are Super Durable

10. You Can Wear Them At The Beach!!!!

11. They Make Excellent Christmas Ornaments

12. They Make Excellent Firewood

13. They Really Elongate The Legs

14. They Can Also Be Used As “White Girl Mittens” 

15. They Make Excellent Furniture

16. They Make You More Flexible

17. Trends Will Come And Go But Ugg Boots Are Forever.

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