Wesleyan Requires All Fraternities To Accept Women Because Whuh?

Hmmmm. Wesleyan fraternities have a horrid reputation for courting rape culture, in fact, Beta House was dubbed with the unironically tragic nickname, “Rape Factory.” In a college where a frat can be called “Rape Factory” certainly the administration needs to intervene to create a climate less threatening and harmful to women.
Wesleyan announced:

“If the organizations are to continue to be recognized as offering housing and social spaces for Wesleyan students, women as well as men must be full members and well-represented in the body and leadership of the organization.This change is something that Wesleyan and the fraternities have been contemplating for many years, and now the time has come. The University looks forward to receiving plans from the residential fraternities to co-educate, after which it will work closely with them to make the transition as smooth as possible.Our residential Greek organizations inspire loyalty, community and independence. That’s why all our students should be eligible to join them.”

However is the solution to require all frats to become coed over the next three years? What’s more interesting is that every fraternity will be forced to sever their national affiliations because women aren’t allowed under those mandates.
Something has to be done about rape culture but is putting women in the middle of it really the solution? Like, what female-bodied goddess would want to join a frat called “Rape Factory”?
This suggests that men, when left to their own devices, will become monsters and it’s the presence of women that keeps them from behaving like animals. Is that really the lesson we need to teach young men? Men shouldn’t have to be under the constant surveillance of women in order to behave themselves and make better choices. On the other hand, maybe it’s the fact that we completely separate genders in organizations that makes us see the opposite sex as an other, an object, a strange foreign thing, instead of a person. 
Maybe forcing young men to treat young women as equals and to have them work together is the solution? Yet it’s hard for me to see women entering traditionally male spaces without dudes being pissed. It’s not like America, the world and men don’t have a history of getting really pissed whenever women demand to be heard in their presence.
What do you guys think?

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