Lesson #37: It's OK To Be Basic [Bold Girls' Bible]

There is one trend right now that I absolutely can’t stand. It’s the rise of the “basic bitch.” A few months ago, I remember Stephen showing me a video on FunnyOrDie.Com where like some girl is “sick” and she ends up being a basic bitch or something. It was a sketch. She mentioned loving Friends, Starbucks, Ugg Boots and all of the things a normal person would consider being a “basic bitch.” Stephen was like, “Hey, this sounds just like you!” And I was outraged. I’m not basic! I’m a freakin’ individual.
I demand us women start taking back the word basic. The more we start acting like it’s an insult, the more it becomes an insult. I’m here to say that it is totally okay to be basic.
The thing about it is, most of these basic qualities are popular for a reason. I live in Nebraska. It’s terrible here in the winters, so throwing on a pair of Ugg Boots to trek to class is widely accepted. It might be a level 9 on the basic scale, but I don’t care because it’s cozy and it keeps my feet warm. Friends is still on the air after 20 years. Obviously more people like it than just basic bitches. It was one of the most iconic shows of the 90’s and 00’s. Liking a TV show doesn’t mean you’re ordinary. It means you like a TV show because it’s good.
Some people adore Pumpkin Spice Lattes, some people like Pretty Little Liars and some girls, like myself, love spending the day in yoga pants and watching beauty tutorials on Youtube. It doesn’t mean we’re not original. If we take each of these popular habits and completely dehumanize the people who do these habits, yeah, I guess we’re all the same. But that can be said of anything.
I want to embrace the qualities that make me like someone else. I don’t like them because they’re popular, I like these things because I like them. I encourage all other Bold Girls to do the same. I want to live in a world where women like other women, and the best way to make a new friend is by saying, “I like this thing, do you like it too?” It doesn’t mean we’re the worst, or unoriginal.
Who cares that you always sorority girl squat in photos? Who cares if your Instagram is 1,000 selfies of you drinking PSL’s in a cozy sweater? If you truly enjoy those things, embrace them. You might not be the only girl in the world who loves Starbucks, but you might be the only girl in the world that loves Starbucks, death metal and dying her hair orange. Embrace both things about you, the basic ones and the unique ones. And don’t ever let a boy tell you what you are.

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Molly has a degree in journalism/English at a school you haven’t heard of in a state you haven’t heard of. She’s obsessed with Chandler Bing, English bulldogs, and cheese. Follow her on twitter @mollymahannah, or check out her website accordingtomolly.com.

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