Anna Kendrick, JLAW and More Celebrities Targeted In Another Nude Photo Leak

Oh my God. How many naked photos does Jennifer Lawrence even have? Although, if I were Jennifer Lawrence, I’d probably have that many naked photos too. Girl is hot.
More nude photos were leaked yesterday as a part of the massive leak that led to “The Fappening” in August. Furthermore, a video began circulating on Friday with the alleged hacker. In the video, an unnamed narrator claims there are still many more images to leak and viewers caught a glimpse of his computer files which showed rows and rows of photos. Celebrities targeted in the recent leak include Anna Kendrick, Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treanor, Cara Delevigne, American Pie actress Mena Suvari, and Lars and The Real Girl actress Kelli Garner, according to Buzzfeed.
A commenter in the article on Buzzfeed made a good point: if someone snuck up the fire escape to an apartment and snapped a nude photo of a girl it wouldn’t be brushed off, it would be a sex crime. Although legislation hasn’t made that many laws surrounding the spread of nude photos, perhaps they should. Whether you think they shouldn’t have taken the photos or whatever is irrelevant. These people have had a massive invasion of privacy, and the threats surrounding it are so wrong. Women celebrities are now being targeted for opening their mouths and standing up for what they believe in, like Emma Watson.
My question? When the hell do we catch this guy?
[Isaac Brekken][Getty Images Entertainment]/[Getty Images]

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