5 Beauty Fixes For The Morning After An All Nighter

Welcome to college, a time filled with parties, pizza, PBR and more sleepless nights than you’ll ever have again (until you have a baby).

During your collegiate years you’re probably going to pull at least a few all-nighters. Sometimes they’re for smart reasons, like when you burn the midnight oils studying for that awful orgo final — other times they’re for fun reasons, like when you’re partying till the sun comes up and gossiping with friends over nachos. Either way, they wreak havoc on your body the next day. And let’s face facts, you probably won’t be looking so hot the day after you get little to no sleep.

Obviously no one looks flawless and fresh when sleep deprived, at least not unless you’re willing to spend valuable time applying makeup, but with these quick fixes, you can transform yourself into something totally presentable in a matter of minutes. So whether you were up all night with your boo, your booze or your books, try these tips out after your next all-nighter.

Highlighter: Chances are, if you pulled an all-nighter your skin is looking sort of lackluster. Throw some highlighter on the shadowed parts of your face – think underneath your mouth, along the cheekbones, under your eyes, plus a line down the center of your nose. This brightens up your face in just minutes, bringing some much-needed light to the parts of your face that need it most.

Concealer: If you only wear one beauty product, make it concealer. I probably don’t have to tell you that sleepless nights are a surefire way to wind up with some dark circles that can only be fixed with some industrial-strength concealer. To be quite honest, you can pretty much get away with only some under eye concealer and nothing else. In fact, dark eyeliner and mascara might just draw attention to your bloodshot eyes.

A brightening mask: If your all nighter is of the scholastic variety, try this preventive trick: Slick on a moisturizing mask that brightens up the complexion (I love this one) and allow yourself a ten-minute break while it dries. Doing this during the night will keep your complexion looking more alive when morning rolls around.

Use this eye cream: Eye cream is always important and it should become a part of your daily routine but this particular under eye solution is excellent for the morning after. The roller ball applicator really helps depuff your eyes. It even contains caffeine – so you know its going to be the right choice after a night of no sleep. But when all else fails….

Accessorize: One word: Sunglasses. I mean, okay, maybe don’t wear them inside. But if you’re heading to class wear a chic pair even if it isn’t actually sunny outside. They’ll make you look put-together in a matter of seconds and even your disheveled hair/rumpled clothes/constant yawning will look better if you top if all off with a cool pair. I also love the option of wearing a cute hat, which will disguise your dirty hair and cover up your eyes area. Win/win.

[Lead image via CREATISTA/Shutterstock]

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