Is "My Burberry" Your Next Signature Scent? [In Our Makeup Bag]

What It Is: My Burberry Eau de Parfum* Why This Should Be in Your Bag: My Burberry is the new fragrance from the fashion house and is inspired by their signature piece, the trench coat. The bottle is gorgeous and if you order it directly from Burberry, they’re offering free monogramming! How cool and personalized is that?! Burberry is really taking the whole “my” part of the fragrance to the next level.

How To Use It: Everyone has a preferred method of perfume application, but I like to spritz it once or twice in the air and then walk through. I find this method leaves a lighter scent compared to applying directly to my skin. For evening, I may vamp is up and apply on my wrist and behind my knees and ears. CC Rating: A+ Burberry is a luxury brand and with this perfume you can really tell. The whole fragrance is inspired by their iconic trench coat – the horn-finish cap is the same material Burberry buttons are made of and the bow that tops each bottle is the same material that Thomas Burberry invented for the trench. I love learning these little facts about how much thought was actually put into My Burberry! As for the scent, this is one of the first florals I can say I love. It’s inspired by ‘a London garden after the rain’, but smells like a youthful floral to me. Top notes of sweet pea and bergamot give way to a muskier patchouli and rose base that sticks around all day long. This is my ‘professional daytime’ fragrance and I feel very sophisticated every time I wear it. I think My Burberry will appeal to the college crowd and is an easy gateway into more mature fragrances. This is the floral if you’re young and classy! The 3 oz/90 mL bottle is $125 USD/$135 CAD, which I find totally affordable for a luxury brand. [Need some new makeup but not sure what to buy? Check out Alex’s other beauty reviews here.] *item was provided for review