38 Ladies Wearing The Most Basic Halloween Costume In History

Dressing up as a Starbucks frappuccino or latte has become the beautifully basic go-to costume and I love it. Look, anyone who dresses up in a bodycon dress or trash can to resemble a Starbucks beverage probably has a pretty good sense of humor about themselves. My favorite thing about this costume in particular is that each person comes at it with a different take. Some ladies like to look cute, others place time and care in making the whipped cream look authentic, some were clearly working with few resources and made it work. Perhaps the best accessory to the Starbucks costume is the best friend who doesn’t mind slurping the giant straw on your head for a good photo op. In a dream world we would hold a CollegeCandy.com halloween costume to see which reader can come up with the best Starbucks DIY costume and reward them with a $100 Starbucks gift card and #1 Basic plaque. Alas, who knows what the future will hold? [Imabes via. Pinterst]