Amanda Bynes Was Expelled From College For Hiring Students To Do Her Homework

We were hoping Amanda Bynes was doing well and coping with the alleged mental illness and “marijuana issue” that caused her bizarre behavior last year. Unfortunately, Bynes is not doing all too well. This week she was arrested for a DUI under the influence of Adderall and “other drugs.” Prior to the arrest Amanda was expelled from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Homegirl was cutting class or showing up high, behaving erratically and allegedly stopped taking her anti-psychotic meds. FIDM students told TMZ that Amanda was caught cheating on a test and paying students to do her homework. Apparently she’d show up wearing sunglasses, laugh at the discussion and get into heated arguments with other students. Yikes. Her parents are ending their conservatorship. Who knows what this will mean? Hopefully she’ll get help before she returns to Twitter because, while it was interesting fodder when we thought she was trolling us, now that we know her behavior was due to larger issues things can get messy on social media. [Via. Gawker/TMZ]