The Must-Have Products for Your Eyebrows

It’s been said that eyebrows change the appearance of your entire face and there’s some truth to that. Pluck them too much and you start to look older, place them too far away and your eyes start to look like they’re trying to avoid ear other, arch them too severely and you find yourself looking perpetually startled. Everyone could stand to enhance their brows – but the best method of doing so really depends on your natural shape. Let’s a look at the best product for a few common types of eyebrows.
Your brows are: Thin
Try this product: Benefit’s Gimme Brow
Why? There’s a super simple way to add visual volume to your thin brows – if that’s the look you’re after, anyway. This product looks like a mascara but it actually a brow-building fiber that attaches to your existed hairs and thickens them up. This is a way more natural-looking alternative for thin-browed girls. Drawing thicker eyebrows in can look way too artificial if you don’t have a lot of volume in your brows so I would recommend trying this method instead.
Your brows are: Thick
Try this product: e.l.f Studio Lash And Brow Comb
Why?┬áIf you were blessed with naturally lush brows, consider keeping them full. You don’t need to run out to your waxer – consider just brushing your thick brows into place instead. For just $3, this brush will help you make your brows look more defined and neat – and you can also use it as a lash comb.
Your brows are: Sparse
Try this product: Sephora’s┬áRetractable Brow Pencil
Why? If your brows aren’t as dark and uniform as you’d like, try using this brow pencil to fill them in and add color. All you need to do is draw over the natural shape of your eyebrows to bolster and intensify your existing shape. This will just make your brows stand out a little bit more and frame your face really nicely. It goes without saying that you should adjust the shade you choose based on your complexion and hair color – luckily, this product comes in so many shades.
Your brows are: Unruly
Try this product: Tweezerman Pointed Slant Tweezers
Why? You know how getting your brows done at the salon often leads to excessively neat, overly plucked brows? Avoid this by shaping your own. You can give yourself a really subtle, natural-looking brow makeover. The slated tip on these allows you to really grab individual hairs and is a great shape for beginners who don’t want to over pluck.
Your brows are: Dramatically arched
Try this product: Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil
Why? You can really amplify the shape of your gorgeously arched brows by tracing directly underneath them with a highlighter pen. This attracts light to that part of your face, daring the eye up to your brows and helping them frame your face in the best way possible.

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