There Is Now Chocolate Toothpaste, Thank Goddess

Theodent is a chocolate based toothpaste. Oh holy moly might Goddess, thank you for bestowing us with this most pious oral cleansing paste. Theodent is made with a cacao-base instead of a fluoride base.
Though fluoride is a mineral naturally found in soil known for its ability to protect the teeth from cavities and decay, it has recently come under fire for being potentially harmful to the extent that Oregon has banned it altogether.
Refinery29 notes, “But, since then, opposition to fluoride has increased, even leading Oregon voters to¬†completely reject it last year. It’s been called “poisonous” and studies of various scientific strengths have linked fluoride to everything from bone cancer and lowered IQ tomanipulating immune responses. However, the most important thing to keep in mind here is the dose: Within the accepted limits, fluoride protects teeth; at higher levels, it has the potential to do much worse. And, the right dose varies depending on a person’s weight.”
For those skeptical of fluoride or who are irritated by it, Theodent might be the best alternative. Plus, it’s chocolate, y’all.

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