The 10 Real Reasons Why You Are Alone

While I do think we need to take responsibility for our lives and choices, I am sort of annoyed that all of those “You’re Alone Because” articles place the blame on the individual or assume that the person is miserable for being alone. If you feel extremely lonely and would like to change that, then it’s worth it to examine your life and devise a plan of action. Nevertheless, there is a such thing as not fitting in or being accepted by those around you. Being alone isn’t always because someone has failed to “put themselves out there” or being “too introverted.”
I felt lonely at my college because the kinds of people it attracted were mostly those who were not in a position to gel with my vibes. I belonged somewhere else. It wasn’t those people’s fault or mine, it simply was not meant to be. Alternatively, there are moments in our lives where we will feel alone despite all evidence to the contrary or be alone because of external circumstances.
Here’s a more practical list of reasons as to why you’re alone. ¯_(シ)_/¯
1. Everyone gets lonely once and a while. ¯_(シ)_/¯
2. Sometimes in life you are alone and other times you are not alone. ¯_(シ)_/¯
3. Loneliness is an inevitable and normal part of the spectrum of human emotion.¯_(シ)_/¯
4. Sometimes you are just, kinda, super busy and social gatherings cannot be a priortiy at the moment. ¯_(シ)_/¯
5. Sometimes the people you hang with cannot make hanging with you a priority. ¯_(シ)_/¯
6. You just don’t feel like going out and being around people right about now. ¯_(シ)_/¯
7. Maybe you’re going through something … hmm. Think about it…¯_(シ)_/¯
8. Maybe you’re being kind of a jerk right now and it’s alienating others from being around you and you need a hot minute to do some soul searching on your own.¯_(シ)_/¯
9. Could it be that you’re not into the options available to you right now? ¯_(シ)_/¯
10. You actually prefer to be alone. ¯_(シ)_/¯

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