Vote In Our Battle Of The Bands Poll [Throwback Thursday]

If you had all of the all of the feelings in middle school, it’s more than likely that you also had a crush on someone in a boy band. No, I’m not talking Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, the brain melting equivalents of modern-day One Direction, because you were obviously far too cool for that. I’m talking about the lead singer heartthrobs of your youthful daydreams. While they all seemed so original and indie at the time, hindsight’s 20/20, and now all the emo boys blend together– even the one you were sure was your OTL. To be the lead singer of an aughts emo band, there were certain requirements you needed to meet, including, but not limited to: the tightest lady jeans imaginable (size 00 preferred), guyliner aplenty, and all of the feels.
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These are the two most emo boys in the world. To pit them against each other is almost unfair, because you know the loser will spend the rest of eternity in tears, unable to ever fully recover (but that does mean we’ll get some good music out of it). I’m pretty sure they’re dopplegangers, Vampire Diaries style.
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If you liked The All American Rejects, it was probably because of Tyson’s smoldering good looks. If you were a Say Anything fan, it might have been because pop punk was your calling. They were mainstream enough that your parent’s didn’t care if you listened to them, but you still felt impossibly hardcore. Spoiler alert: you weren’t, and everyone on earth had the same exact black Chuck Taylor’s as you (never forget).
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These were the teen dreams of Warped Tour atendees everywhere. If you thought of yourself as relatively well-adjusted, but alternatively cool, then these were your pre-teen dreams. Sure, they might be married with children these days, but back then they were everything. Even now, they make me feel some type of way– I hear that’s what the kids are saying these days.
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Ah, the penultimate fight. Almost a war, really. Everyone knows that microphones are for singing, not swinging, which makes for a clear winner in this emo battle. Their fight started in the hallowed halls of high school in Long Island, where emo really began. It was over a girl, obviously, and for years after, there were all of the feels when it came to their best friendship gone bad.
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If you were a Madden fan (and I’m not talking sports), it doesn’t matter which one you loved, because in the end they just turned into pudgy messes and up with reality celebutantes (see also: Pete Wentz). Sure, they might have made you feel so PuNk RaWk at the time, and given you good fodder for your away messages, but they were the boy band equivalent of a middle school trip to Hot Topic.

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