The Virgin Diairies: How To Stay A Virgin

College is all about trying new things and discovering yourself. Naturally, sexuality is part of that evolution. But, when you’ve decided to save yourself for marriage or for some other reason, it’s hard to stick to you’re guns when everywhere you turn there’s a new opportunity to let it all go.
You can go about this two ways. One: be painfully awkward and never shave your legs and armpits so guys won’t talk to you, or two: keep your dignity and learn how to affirm yourself in your decision.
I won’t judge you if you decide that the first is your yellow brick road. To each his own! If you’re chosing the latter, be prepared for an ardous trip! Equip yourself with some practices that’ll get you through this horny insitution called college. Here are a few:
Remind Yourself of Why You’re Doing This
Temptation is always around and has very little repercussion, especially in the hook-up society we live in now. The only way to reaffirm your decision to stay a virign is to constantly remind yourself of why you’re doing this. Write down everything you’re achieving from this and look at it whenever you need a little reminder.
Know Your Limits
When you know that every time you drink you end up doing something you regret in the morning, you stop drinking (at least as much!). When you notice that every time you eat at the place around the corner you get sick, you stop eating there. If you know that you will not be able to control yourself if the guy across the hall with the rock hard abs, nice arms and gorgeous smile asks you to cuddle with him, then guess what! Don’t cuddle with him!
Save yourself girlfriend. Don’t put yourself in a situation that’ll feel good in the moment, but horrible later…even if his abs are glistning in baby oil.
Be Upfront
I won’t assume that you’re horrible with guys like I am. I’m sure you have a thriving romantic life and have men falling at your feet. If you choose to give one a bone and date him, be upfront with him when the topic arises—tactfully of course. He should respect your decision and not try you too hard.
Hopefully by following these tips, you’ll be able to save yourself for the day you’re ready and willing.

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