After Six Years Of Being Single, This Woman Married Herself

Grace Gelder proposed to herself on a park bench at Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath in London. Grace had been single for six years and during this time had been undergoing some serious self-discovery. The thought of being in a relationship with another person seemed like too much work while Grace was soul searching.

To usher in the next phase of her life Grace decided to honor this one by marrying herself as a way of paying tribute to the progress she made and beginning a new chapter in her life.

Grace said, “It’s about making this pact or promise to yourself and then somehow enacting that in how you live your life from that day on.” She had a traditional ceremony, with the support of her family, fifty attendees, a ring, vows and a dress.

“My self-married status – meaningless though it may remain in the eyes of the law – has also given me this great sense of clarity. I seem to sense much more clearly than before if something is worth pursuing or best left alone. And just because I married myself, it doesn’t mean that I’m not open to the idea of sharing a wedding with someone else one day.”

It all sounds silly and it totally is, yet I think it’s completely awesome. We should all throw a big party for ourselves to celebrate the progress we’ve made as human beings. It’s narcissistic but being a little selfish is essential to learning to love yourself. Growing as a person and becoming self-actualized is a big deal. Why shouldn’t we marry ourselves?

You’re the only person you’re really guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with so you should make a grand promise to love yourself and treat yourself right otherwise you’re going to disappoint yourself and break your own heart. Props to Grace for having the balls to do this.

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