We've Found The Second Most Basic Halloween Costume In History

My basic spidey sense was tingling as soon as the tides of fall came. What would be the new #basic Halloween costume of choice? Dressing up as a kooky latte has long been the choice of proud basics with an ironic sense of humor but I knew it was time to freshen things up a bit.
I felt it in my soul, perhaps through Carl Jung’s “collective unconscious,” that we would go in this year. When Vogue starts writing articles about basics we’ve reached maximum oversaturation and when something is so played out that means every single person on Halloween will have to personify that cultural meme, then it will finally go away.
I predict, with my basic spidey sense that come October 31st you’re going to be seeing a ton of ladies dressed like Ugg boots.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Exhibit C


Exhibit D


Bonus: Extra Basic +1000 Flawless Victory


Extra Bonus: The Basic Boy Costume Of Choice


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