Cosmic Candy: October 6th – 12th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries & Aries Rising

No one wants you to be anyone but who you are and if they don’t, they are not worth your efforts. There is always the choice to love those that dont from afar, like afar-far. The only thing you need to do at this moment is to love all of yourself. Especially your more bizarre bits.

Arent you tired of the same old same? Arent you bursting at the seems with a ferocious appetite for change? Arent you desperate for something to come along and crack your will wide open so some light can get in?

Or have you already been shaken to the core? Have you already been rattled and rolled around? Have you already been dislocated and thrown out to run wild with the wolves?

Maybe its a both/and type of situation but, either way, Wednesdays eclipse is all yours. We have a full moon in Aries; a total lunar eclipse. Thats a lot of gas on the fire. Thats a lot of passion in your pants. Thats a lot of discord in the disco.

Your dancing partners may not appreciate your new moves, but not all relationships were built to last till closing time. There is a tremendous amount of tension that has been building in your chart between you and themand, whomever they are (business partners, spouses, your nemesis), they are important reflections of:

a) how far you have come in relationships, b) how far you need to still go, c) how to tell your truth without being an asshole and d) how to find ways of listening to others while listening to yourself.

There could be quite a sweet love story beginning in your life but unless you stop paying attention to the nagging knowing that is your constant evolution right now.  The entire thing is threatened. Its time for you to focus on your freedom while remaining engaged with your loved ones. Balance, rambunctious rams, balance.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

Any understanding we get about how, where and when we start the process of self-undoing is like a pot of spiritual gold at the end of an undeniably odd rainbow. Wednesdays eclipse offers you such marvelous metals of merit happening in your Twelfth House of secret skeletons locked up in far away closets this eclipse wants to wake up some of your subterranean extraterrestrials.

Ghosts are storytellers often without an audience. They are like performers on stage with an empty house. They are roaming around until someone is willing to hear the tale they must tell. Id listen if I were you. A little ghost gabfest is better than coming home to a haunted house.

Release your demons, relieve them of their burdens. Allow yourself to be a little less tethered to the mundane so that you can experience something beyond vain pursuits. Im not taking anything back that we have been discussing regarding health, routine and a rounded daily dose of doing what needs to be done. In fact, keeping all of that going can act like a peripatetic mediation, mindless activity that occupies the busy mind so that the unconscious one can start to unravel its twisted knickers.

If there was a week to pay attention to your dreamtime, trance states and meditations, this is it. Follow them like an obsessive sleuth on too much kale juice. Stalk them, interview them and follow them to revelation, because something is ready to be liberated.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

A great love opens us up. It brings out the very best and the very worst in us. It brings up our fears, our foibles and our freak outs. It demands that we bend in places we think we will break. Great loves arent always reciprocal. Sometimes the unrequited varieties tease us into tackling the beasts that stand in the way of receiving true love. Everything is an experience to be learned from, everything that happens is an opportunity to learn how to love ourselves.

With Venus and the sun in Libra and your Fifth House of romance, love and creative self-expression, these themes and the benefits and challenges they bring are abundant for you right now. As a counterpoint to this very personal experience of love, Wednesdays eclipse is happening in your Eleventh House of social support, benefactors, friends and good fortune. This eclipse could bring about some shocking news or events in your social circles. It could bring about situations that will force you to see people as they really are. It could bring about a twist of fate too tempting to pass up or too overpowering to ignore. 

There can be a connection and there definitely is a tension between romance, creativity and play and the very intense situations that are calling for your attention in the work you do in your community, in groups and in connection with others that share your dreams. You could be acting like a type of lightening rod yourself. A point of illumination for others. A holder of self-expressed truth and a living example of how to get through tough times with some grace. 

Or you could just be a human whos struggling with the balance of tending to a tender heart while trying to keep your game face on. Find friends who can help share the load and remember that its OK to be transparent with your crew. 


Cancer & Cancer Rising

Mercury retrograde offers you the most exquisite of opportunities to review what love has to do with it and to rehash old family wounds. Like deeply hidden ones. The ones you think you moved through. The ones you think you are too good for. The ones you think you outgrew in seventh grade.

Guess what. You didnt.

But that doesnt mean that youve failed. It doesn’t mean that youve lost. It doesnt mean that you should give up or that things will never change. It means that you are human and its time to take a look at what you missed out on.

Skipped steps. Arrested development.

Arrive in the moment. Dont be ashamed of what you didnt have or what you didn’t know to bring. You are enough just as you are and you have everything youd ever need. Insecurity is too insignificant a reason for you not to show up with every bit of confidence you can stuff in your pockets.

Wednesday’s eclipse lights up your Tenth House of public life, vocation, reputation, fame and recognition.  Its the place in our charts that tells us if we can merge our inner passion with our outer action, our feelings with our flow and our private desires with our public life. Can we be transparent about what it is we want to do with this one, precious roll of the dice? Can we bare our bones to see if we have what it takes to build a life worthy of being lived. If some reconstruction is needed can we give ourselves the renovation? Its no mistake that Mercury retrograde is about to plumb the depths of your most private terrain just after you have an eclipse in your most public of places. No mistake at all.

What do you need to clear up at your base so your can continue building upon your dreams? What has broken that needed to break? What really isnt broken but is just a breakthrough in waiting? What chance, what risk, what bold action do you need to initiate in order to challenge the very best of you to rise to the occasion?


Leo & Leo Rising

Divination can be done anywhere, anytime and any place. God is all. Goddess is. Wednesdays eclipse highlights this verity like a crash course in spiritual experience as it happens in your Ninth House of just that. Each one of us has an All-Access Pass to Universal Life Force Energy. Remembering to use it immediately connects us to our power. You are reminded of this and you are in turn reminding others of this. I hope.

It can be wonderful, helpful and necessary to have spiritual officials in our lives that are knowledge keepers and wisdom witches but if they do not encourage our individual connection to the divine Spirit that moves through everything, they need to seek out other employment. I heard YogaTwerks is hiring.

Stay away from mentors gone mad with power and inflated egos that have become overnight insight internet sensations. Stray from those that try to sell Source Energy and stay with seeking it out on your own. But if you must and when you need to, challenge any false notions of what another is trying to peddle, be it to you or to the masses.

You have more than your share of access to a spiritual bank roll so be a lender of your faith, a fountain of fortune and a seller of free-love. Challenge the powers that be with your willingness to lead with understanding and goodwill.

And in the in-between let your free-wheeling, wild hearted love for all of creation guide your every step forward.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

How we accept loss is how we accept life. Sometimes there is little difference between the lived experience of winning and the perceived experience of losing save a fleeting moment of joy. It all depends on if we turn a moment of success into a reason to worry. I dont mean to downplay the harrowing experience that letting go of something before its time can be, but more often than not what we are asked to let go of is more than fair.

Wednesdays eclipse occurs in your Eighth House of death, loss and letting go. It is also the house that rules inheritances- what we are sometimes gifted after the grief. This is how the cycle goes – as decay progresses matter releases its energy to be reincarnated as another form.

Pay attention to your compost and take note of how rich your soil is or if it is in need of being turned over. This eclipse is potentially jarring, awakening and disturbing and in this area of life that can mean being taken aback by the backlash of more vicious sources, both internally and externally.

Being willing to take on the parts of your psyche that would rather wage psychological warfare than employ a department of peace is a good way to get ahead of the damage that can be done in this astrological weather.

Otherwise if you feel free of the mind games explored thus far, this is the kind of eclipse that can have you convening with your ancestors and righting your relationship with them via ritual. Give good grain, flowers and water. Light candles in honor of those that graced you with all good things and be thankful for their contribution to your life.


Libra & Libra Rising

Tension can tame. Tension can torque. Tension can bring about a much needed moment of perspective. Tension pulls out the best and the worst of us, so we can catch a glimpse of who we are in glorious moments and in unconscious ones. Being an active participant in a relationship means being able to sit in a great amount of tension without giving in or giving up.

Tension works us. Tension forces us into balance or sends us tripping over ourselves. Tension shows us just how sturdy we are, or are not. 

Wednesday’s eclipse occurs in your Seventh House of intimate partnerships, marriage and open adversaries. Whomever is in front of you now is your angel of tension. Whomever it is that stands in front of you and solicits an intense response was sent to help you gain a greater awareness of your boundaries and your beliefs about yourself. 

No one can tell you who you are. No one should have that kind of power over you. Not your momma, not your babies, not your lovah and not your shady Bradys. You have the formidable presence of your ruling planet, Venus, in its own sign, yours. This acts as something of a protectress for you. Its something of a fortress for you. Its something of a lucky break and a jolt to get you to wake to your inherent beauty by focusing on what makes you stand out.

But she is squaring Pluto just after the eclipse. She is asking to deal with the more damaging aspects of human interaction. She is asking you to deal with the psychological underpinnings of being in relationship.

Appreciating what makes you different and celebrating what makes you you is the way to honor this transit. Rock your hairdo however it wants to roll. Swing your hips how they were meant to be swung. Love your skin tone, your inner crone and your refusal to be a drone. What kind of partner can you be if you cant be the best of one to yourself first?

Venus may give you extra lessons in love this week. Relationships are trying to wake you up, trip you up and knock you off your rocker and at the same time you hold a tremendous amount of fortune because she’s with you, so share it.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Listening to the body this week and minding the beeswax of your own work life is your best way to get into the good graces of Wednesdays eclipse. Its important to clear up any misunderstandings that happen on the job as they occur. Do not let things fester but try to smooth the ruffled feathers of others with the stealth moves of someone who is ten steps ahead of the game. You are dealing with some hidden elements and invisible factors – like the psychological scars of yourself and others. Being as non-threatening as possible will pay off for you in the long run. 

There is a tremendous amount of energy available to you in all aspects of your work life so whatever you can do to keep the ball rolling and the dreams afloat will be well worth the effort. Yes, being nice is a piece of this puzzle.

Wednesdays eclipse is occurring in your Sixth House of health issues, service, the daily grind and situations that weaken us.

We are weakened by what we are afraid to confront. We are weakened by our secrets. We are weakened by our lies. We are weakened every time we deceive ourselves. We are weakened by refusing to take responsibility for our lives. We are weakened by our pride which inevitably leads to prejudice. If the sixth house can teach us anything worthwhile via its onslaught of hard times, it’s that to be humble whether things are going in our favor or seemingly against us is to act with the grace that can only be described as spiritual royalty.  And youre a Queen/King.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Wednesdays eclipse occurs in your Fifth House of true love, leisure, pleasure, pleasing, teasing and tastes that tempt. This is a rocky eclipse, a shaky, possibly heart-breaky eclipse. But hearts need not break if everyone is willing to take the truth as the highest form of praise.

There is no room for flattery right now. There is no need to please others at the cost of your own self worth. There is no need to manipulate another’s affections to assuage your insecurity nor is there any need to do that for another. Frivolous love affairs are needed for some from time to time (and for some all the time) but this week is wondering if there isnt something more radical for you to grasp. At the root.

Is it time to get more honest with your loves and lovers? Is there a breakthrough that they are lending you? Is your sex-life like a personal revolution? No shame if you arent waking up the neighbors but only you can ask your partners to do the things that will get you fumbling towards ecstasy and if they arent willing than that is good information to have.

Your joy is your responsibility. Happiness is an inside job. Love loves the lover.

No matter what your friends say, no matter what your social circles deem appropriate, no matter what the hounds of dignified behavior dictate, your life is yours to live. No one has the right to tell you what is and what is not for you. This is your time to self-express. Asking for permission in any way, shape or form is an invitation for slaughtering your self-esteem.

Sometimes you just have to say fuck it. Freak flags fly with as much nobility as any other kind.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Radical simply means grasping things at the root.’” This wisdom from Angela Davis is well worth your consideration and reconsideration this week as Wednesday’s lunar eclipse takes place in your Fourth House of roots.

Its a pretty radical eclipse. Its asking you to get honest about your home, family, foundation, childhood memories and parents. There might be a situation that comes up with family members that is revealing, revelatory or just plain disturbing. Remember that we have now entered eclipse season (the entire month of October and into the first bit of November). We need extra padding, patience and precautions. Understanding is everything.

When we can grasp our fear, our shame, our self-doubt and our humiliation at the root, we can deconstruct it. We can deconstruct any life-long lie as long as it comes into our awareness. Understanding the root of any issue can not only give us hope for future growth but sometimes it can also give us compassion for this that caused the damages that were done. Sometimes.

Other times its just about forgiving ourselves for how the pain has contorted us, infused our actions with bitterness, mistrust or the desire to maltreat ourselves or others. Pain influences how we feel about ourselves and about life. It thinks for us, decides for us and proves itself to be right. Pain is a powerful and intoxicating partner until we realize there are better options.

Right now Venus is not only in its own sign but the planet of good graces, love and beauty is in your Tenth House of career, fame and public pursuits. She’s challenging Pluto via a square (time for some transformational relating techniques) so clear up any drama here by refusing to engage it. Clear out the wreckage of your past so you can show up in the world less attached to what was and more attentive to what is.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Red hot truth runs wild. It cannot be tamed, watered down or denied even if it is treated as treason. You might very well be taking on the Archbishop, the Chief Justice and the High Priestess right now (or at least feel like you are) but the truth of that matter is that you are only trying to discern for yourself what sentiments must be said without being minced, mashed or mangled.

Clarity will save you.

When you come with clarity everyone else will have less reason to deny that your points are passionate yes, but also solid as a rock. If you want to break down a barrier in your mind or anyone else’s conviction is the way to do it.

Do not waver from what is right, what is true and what is just.

This Wednesday’s eclipse lights up your Third House of communications, messages, siblings, and rumors. Its a beast of an eclipse that might have you feeling like people are trying to cause kerfuffles to throw you off your game. But the truth is that they will just be being themselves. They will just be reacting to the same eclipse in their own unique way. We are all vulnerable to the same cosmic currents. Your job is to keep connected to your truth at every turn. Let everyone else figure it out as they go. Your freedom is dependent on your ability to keep your mind liberated from dogma and draining doctrine so you can light the way for others to follow.

Sometimes the courtroom drama gets played out entirely within though. Sometimes we are the defendant, jury, judge and prosecutor. The internal courts can be far more difficult to win over. We can be far more adversarial to ourselves than anyone else so if the jury is still out on any given topic dont try to lead a crusade on it. Be the master of your mind and have enough self-restraint to let your internal system catch up to the call to action.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

Selling yourself short is not noble. Selling yourself short is not spiritual. Selling yourself short is not espoused by any of the greats. In fact quite the opposite is true. Your needless suffering isnt helping anyone.

A refusal to lay down in front of The Machine is, however. Any ability to reclaim your worth as a human made of flesh, bone and stupendous stardust is bodacious, bold and an attitude befitting of a Queen.

Reclaim your value by refusing any price except dignity and respect paid to you.

Wednesday’s eclipse occurs in your Second House of property, money, self-worth and the resources needed to make it in the world. Money is an issue we all must contend with. What we allow it to make of us, take from us or how we let it define us. Whether you like it, love it, hate it, resent it or just play with it, if it rules you, you are no ruler of your fate. The way to master this material is to be willing to dive headlong into the emotional attachments, understandings and beliefs that you were taught about finances, freedom and self love.

Our paper money system was meant to be symbolic but we mostly take it at face value. For the sake of play and the revelations that can happen when we let go under such an eclipse as this, I suggest that you make some magic money. Pick colored paper that inspires a sense of abundance, draw on it the symbols sacred to your understanding of prosperity, use numbers that hold value to your divinatory dreams and insights, get a grip of what real wealth really is to you and see how much you truly do have to spend.

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