20 Times Lorde Was A Beautifully Awkward Gothy Mess

Lorde is my weird, awkward gloomy middle school self personified. If that self had also been extremely levelheaded, brilliantly successful and had a sense of humor. The “Yellow Flicker Beat,” singer is pretty much known for being totally awkward on stage.
She flails about like she’s drowning in a sea of sweet gothic bliss and makes weird faces like Gollum. Best of all, Lorde is totally aware of how derpy she looks and that’s why we want to fist bump her.
“When i’m onstage, I don’t think about how it looks, I just concentrate on really feeling what I ear but I totally know I look like Gollum when I perform, so it’s cool,” she told her fans.
She’s a 17-year-old wunderkind who is not afraid to get weird with it. These are the 20 times she was beautifully awkward.

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