Watch Amanda Bynes Twerk On Her Bodyguard At A Clothing Store

My mom was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when I was three. Amanda Bynes is exhibiting behaviors of a real mental illness and it appears as though no one in her life cares.
According to The Daily News, Amanda went to the Upper East Side clothing store in New York City, Pookie & Sebastian and immediately began to behave strangely. She took off her jacket only to reveal a bra, then began trying on clothing in the middle of the floor. She brought her bodyguard in to adjust her shirt and  began to twerk and dance very sexually on him. Why isn’t anyone in her life intervening?
“It was beyond bizarre,” said Kevin Matuszak, the store owner. Another employee said she insulted a customer, Amanda allegedly said, ““Yeah, you look old. I’m old, too. That’s why I’m getting a lot of plastic surgery done.”
Look, my mom certainly didn’t have the money or resources to get the best treatment but she did have a family. When her bizarre behavior began, my father got her help. Ever since then my mom has been a stable and healthy person who also happens to have a mental illness. There are rough patches of course but no twerking sprees. This is why I can’t help but believe that the fact that Amanda is still incredibly symptomatic means that there isn’t anyone in her life looking out for her.
While television and film would like to portray the mentally ill as those who almost exclusively refuse to be medicated, many people who struggle with mental illnesses like schizophrenia take their meds and are fine.
Someone like Amanda Bynes, who can afford a bodyguard who has the inner peace and spiritual restraint to allow Amanda Bynes to twerk on her, can probably get the best treatment if there was someone responsible and caring guiding her through the process. Her parents ended their conservatorship and have stated repeatedly they don’t believe she has a mental illness or a drug problem.
Here’s wishing Amanda the best of luck.
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