5 Ways To Slay Your Next Group Study Session

Study groups are a blessing and a curse. They can be supportive, educational and a more fun way to get the ole learning in but they can also be a total black hole of distractions and time wasting. There’s no point in spending a few hours with a study group if you’re only going to gossip, check Facebook and baewatch. You’ve carved this time out to learn so use it wisely. This way you won’t have to cram at the last minute.
These five steps can help form an effective study group where you actually get shit done!
1. Less Is More
Three to six students is a good number to stick with. Think of it this way: how hard is to coordinate to meet with your group of friends to even do something that’s fun? The less people in your group, the less difficult it will be to meet, stay organized, on topic and stick to a plan.
2. Choose Carefully
You don’t want a study group full of slackers but you don’t want a group who moves at a pace faster than you. It’s important to pick students who you know take notes, perform well, and can stay focused. It’s equally as important to choose people you communicate well with and whom you can mutually benefit from.
3. Stay Focused
Choose a distraction free space like the library. Reduce temptation by turning your phone off and only using one or two devices to conduct research. The last thing you want is a study session where everyone is constantly checking their phones.
4. State Objectives
Each session should have a mini-goal that everyone has agreed upon. Maybe it’s doing the homework. Maybe it’s studying up to a certain chapter in the reading. Make sure everyone is on the same page and up to speed.
5. Be Effective
How many times have you gotten together with your study group and instead of opening up a book, you rehash last night’s Pretty Little Liars? When it’s unclear of what you’re supposed to do as a group it’s easy to go on a tangent. Using effective group study techniques is essential.

A.) Have one or two people each session take on the role of the teacher where they explain an idea to the group point-by-point.

B.) Create a fun trivia quiz to help remember ideas. (Ex: Split into two groups and ask multiple choice questions about the material and compete for points.)

C.) Take turns explaining ideas to the group. Then form a discussion around each mini presentation.

D.) Flashcards are every college student’s bff.

E.) Take a moment at the end of each session to make sure everyone is clear on the ideas.

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