Fall Hair Color Inspiration From Your Favorite Celebrities

While any hair color has the power to look amazing no matter the season, there’s something about the start of fall that makes me want to switch thing up a bit — and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Cooler months mean you might be losing your hard-won summer tan. It may also mean that your skin starts to lose its summer break radiance, which is never fun.
One quick solution? Let your look do the opposite of what the weather is doing, by warming up your hair color. Shades like burgundy and chestnut brown instantly perk up your skin tone and make your features stand out. You don’t even have to dye all your hair to achieve this — consider getting some subtle lowlights, darker sections, or even an ombre fade. These celebrities all went warmer, and are perfect inspiration for rocking fall hair.


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