25 Things To Expect From Your First Job

First job expectations usually start with ones of glee, gratitude and hope but after a few months we often become a slave to the grind, going through the motions and taking what we have for granted. It’s perfectly normal to go from being excited about a job, it’s shiny, new and the novelty hasn’t worn out, yet slowly but surely we realize work is work. My first job taught me that even if it I am doing something I absolutely love, the very act of doing the exact same thing everyday, unless it’s eating cheese, can make the task feel tedious and suck the joy right out of it. That’s why they call workin’ it work, ladies.
However, there are many moments where I feel like the luckiest kid in the world, like I’m living my dreams and making it. These highs and lows are typical of the love/hate relationship you’ll come to have with your budding career.

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