Beyoncé Has Bangs Now And We Don't Know How to Feel

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NEWS: Beyoncé now has a bangs. But they’re not just any bangs. No side-swept bullsh*t, no soft, choppy layers, but straight up short, slight wonky, bangs. And we just don’t know how to feel (other than nostalgic, because this is pretty much the haircut everyone was rocking at age 7, after their mom gave them a trim).

bey hair 2

Image via Tumblr/Rex

First we were shocked and overwhelmed, because every change Beyoncé makes to her hair is life-changing. Remember when her choppy pixie cut divided public opinion, but just as we all decided she looked even more beautiful, she stepped out with a cut little bob? Or when she followed that up by going straight back to her usual long, honey colored weave?
beyonce gif 1
But this is a BIG change. Beyoncé  doesn’t typically go for weird stuff, style-wise, and this is pretty out there. We can’t believe it’s true, but this might actually be a look that even Beyoncé can’t pull off. I mean, she obviously still looks beautiful. She’s Beyoncé. But these are WONKY BANGS. They are so SHORT. They’re definitely not the most flattering style choice in the world.
THEN Beyoncé blew our minds again by actually, somehow, magically making this haircut look okay. It’s amazing what straighteners and a bad ass outfit can do. And, you know, having the goddess-like powers of Beyoncé.
beyonce hair collage

Images via Tumblr

What do you think of Beyoncé’s new bangs? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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