Halloweentown Was The Best Because Reasons [#TBT]

Halloweentown really resonated with me as a kid. In 1998, I was nine years old and probably getting picked on for being a weirdo but Marnie Cromwell gave me faith that my weirdness meant something. If you’re unfamiliar with the brilliant Disney Channel Original Movie here’s a brief synopsis; Marnie Cromwell finds out that her mother has been keeping a secret from her—that she is a witch and comes from a long line of witches. Her grandma is a total HBIC, loving her power as a supernatural creature and resides in Halloweentown, an alternate reality where other magical creatures live. Yet Marnie’s mom is not having it but Marnie and her two siblings are too stoked to not see what’s popping. Of course there is an evil villain and of course they banish him by the end of the film but that is neither here nor there because the movie is about being a weirdo, tapping into your feminine power and overcoming mother-daughter issues.
Much like myself, Marnie feels rejected for being a weirdo. She probably watched The Craft over and over again.
But really she just wants to feel more than mediocre or ordinary.
Her mom forbids her from celebrating the best holiday ever.
And is basically cramping her style.
And being generally kinda lame.
But then her grandma pops in for a surprise visit and lays down some truths with the realness.
And suddenly it was like there was a whole new world.
It was a place where extraordinary was the standard.
And while there were some strangers who liked to offer kids candy.
They knew better than to take it.
After a few struggles . . .
Marnie and the gang are able to embrace their powers and learn that all families are weird in their own way.

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