The 10 Commandments Of Body Positivity Everyone Should Follow

Body positivity gets some flack sometimes because some interpret it as skinny-shaming or fat-shaming but that’s not really the point. The point is that we were all born into different molds and that shouldn’t be some kind of self-defeating prophecy for anyone of us. Bodies change, fluctuate, grow and shrink over time and we often turn against them when they don’t behave exactly like we imagined. Body positivity should be the process of healing our often broken perception of what beauty and health should look like. It’s fairly obvious that our ideas of what is beautiful and desirable are usurped by the media.
This mentality of “you should look this way or else” is poison to our self-esteem and dignity. This infection that tells us that we are not good enough, that we will never be good enough and that we should behave morally superior when we are closer to an ideal than someone else is a plague on our ability to accept ourselves. We are our harshest critics and that needs to stop. Living by expectations projected on us by others is not the key to our happiness. Body positivity means that you get do decide what is beautiful to you and that you must accept that others have this right as well. We’ve created the 10 commandments of body positivity to help us be a little kinder to ourselves and a little kinder to others. I mean, why are we making such a big ruckus out of these flesh sacks that hold our brains?

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