The Virgin Diaries: Virginity Is The New Black

Is being a virgin like the cool thing in town now? The exciting thing to talk about? What all the cool kids are doing? I’m starting to think that it is, as shows like Jane the Virgin on The CW and Virgin Territory on MTV make evident. It’s that or someone’s is making a fortune off of it…in which case it’s still the hot new thing on the block (you have capitalism to thank for that!)
What about a virgin is so fun to talk about? Could the world possibly be getting tired of sex!? Heck no! Pop culture is just going through a fad right now, like Justin Timberlake and his frosted tips phase.
We’re seeing a classic story that’s reemerging its head through all the catfishing and housewiving shows. Virgins are underdogs and everyone loves a good underdog story! Think about it: the virgin hardly ever gets the girl or guy on the first try. They get blown off for the girl with her thong peeking out of the top of her jeans and for the guy blowing chicks backs out in the back seat of his car every Friday night. After the rejection comes determination and then, boom: here comes Your Royal Celibacy straight out of extreme makeover boot camp, smoking hot and ready.
It’s also incredibly entertaining to watch us squirm and wriggle in uncomfortable situations—like last night at a party when this guy decided to give me lap dance, I had no idea how to react! That’s ratings gold!
Virginity is never going to be the new black, maybe just a dark grey and that’s good enough to hold people’s attention for 30 minutes. Sex is just too good to be replaced…so I’ve heard.

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