10 Fashion Icons You Can Dress Up As For Halloween

Betsey Johnson

There is nothing worse than shelling out $60 on a Halloween costume that you never wear again. Agree? If so, do what I do: Shop your own closet for a closet.
It’s easier said than done sometimes, but in my experience, it’s much easier when you dress up like an actual person, namely a celebrity. Since we’ve all seen a group of girls dressed up as the Spice Girls, plus tons and tons of fake booties attached to Kim Kardashain impersonators,I’ve listed a few not-so-obvious ideas for your easiest, most fashionable Halloween ever.
Anna Wintour
The legendary Vogue editor is known for her bob haircut and her icy demeanor. This is an ideal costume for girls who aren’t into the whole sexy Halloween costume thing.
You’ll need: A cardigan to throw over your shoulders, massive sunglasses, a short wig, your most withering glare.
Blake Lively
She may not be Serena van der Woodsen anymore, but thanks to the launch of her new buzzy lifestyle site and her pregnancy announcement, Blake Lively is relevant enough to dress up as this year.
You’ll need: A long blonde wig, a figure-hugging dress, a baby bump and some sort of baked goods to tote around with you. Blake looovesss food and wants everyone to know it.
Kendall and Kylie Jenner
This is an ideal costume for two girls to pull of together – the sisters are inseparable but have totally different styles and this is a costume that’s so recognizable but still not played out (at least not this year…)
You’ll need: A super simple yet totally sexy outfit for Kendall, plus some stilts to walk on unless you happen to be fantastically tall. Carry around ‘your modeling portfolio’  filled with images of Kendall if you want to really commit. For Kylie, simply toss on every black/leather/studded item you can find and top it off with exaggerated  dark lips and some blue streaks in your hair. Or you could both just wear bathing suits. They seem to do that a lot.
Betsy Johnson:
Thanks to her stint on this season of Dancing With The Stars, this is a great time to dress up as the fashion designer, who happens to be a total treat. Extra points if you can do a cartwheel and throw it in every so often during the night (without injuring yourself, please.)
You’ll need: A blonde wig (with bangs), lots of blue eyeshadow, some sort of tutu and every colorful, sequin-covered item you can find in your closet.
Because why would you ever turn down the chance to wear a fire-engine red wig?
You’ll need: Aforementioned red wig (unless you want to copy a different hairstyle of hers), some fake tattoos, a snapback. You can get super creative with the outfit because Riri is certainly not one to play it safe.
Alia Wang: 
Don’t know who this is? She happens to be the the niece of an amazing designer, Alexander Wang. She is freaking adorable and even though she’s like, 6, she has incredible style.
You’ll need: A black beanie, a Parental Advisory shirt, a leather miniskirt, a studded oversize bag, some fashion sneakers and a lollipop to suck on all night.
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: 
Because they will pretty much always be fashion royalty. And this is such an amazing way to stay warm a llllll nighhtttt longggg.
You’ll need: To layer just about every item in your closet together, topping it all off with a jacket that is a few sizes too large. Oversized (like really oversized) sunglasses. A friend to dress as your counterpart.
Sofia Vergara
Or you could just wear a hot dress and, if questioned about your lack of costume at any point, say you’re dressed as the bombshell.
You’ll need: A super figure-hugging dress that exposes some major cleavage, long flowing hair, red lipstick and – if you weren’t genetically blessed with abundant curves, a little something to toss into your bra.
Angelina Jolie
The leg, guys! the leg!
You’ll need: A long black dress with a super high slit, big green statement earrings, your best pout, a hot man on your arm, a bunch of dolls if you want to bring the kids out with you.
Because no one can actually emulate Queen Bey, how’s this for an extremely easy, comfortable and (and admittedly halfhearted) costume, which requires just one item….
You’ll need: This sweatshirt. That is all.

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