Orange You Excited To Wear These Lipsticks This Halloween?

orange lipstick

We’re all fans of “calendar couture,” or dressing up to capture the spirit of whichever holiday is the horizon — but sometimes it’s easier said than done. A red dress for Valentine’s Day? Easy. Blue shorts, white tee, and red lipstick for the Fourth of July? It’s pretty much your summertime wardrobe, anyway.

But then there’s Halloween. The black part is easy, of course, but orange is sort of an….extreme color. If you don’t own anything in the shade, never fear. We highly recommend breaking out a trendy and surprisingly flattering orange lipstick instead. They range from orange-hued reds to corals, so choose the shade that would make you feel the most comfortable. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite lipsticks in this Halloween-ready shade. They’re way more fun than wearing a pumpkin sweater, don’t you think?

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