Dawson's Creek Starring Dachshunds Is Everything

If you love puppies and old WB shows (and who doesn’t?), have I got a treat for you. Dawson’s Creek, starring dachshunds, is a TV show I would watch unabashedly. It has all of the feelings you experienced with your favorite Creek kids, plus adorable little weiner dogs rolling around onscreen. It’s truly a cinematic masterpiece. Filmmaker Michael Immerman created this, and I have to believe that he’s the voice of our generation. While Pacey is obviously the best character Dawson’s Creek has ever seen, I think they improved upon him in this video, and by that I mean his hair looks way better than his bowl cut in real life. When it comes to Dawson, this puppy might be more relatable than he’ll ever be. This video is so good, it makes me want to do a quick Dawson cry.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OXMnRH-VmU&w=600&h=315]
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