13 Things All Facebook Stalkers Can Relate To

Raise your hand if you’ve ever Facebook stalked someone. I don’t like liars, put your damn hand up. Everybody has stalked someone on Facebook at least once. It’s 2014, which means that it’s totally normal to know that your ex-boyfriend’s sister had Chicken Alfredo made from scratch last night. The problem is, we’re all so ashamed of ourselves that we live in constant fear that someone is going to find out our precious secret.

If you’re a Facebook stalker … and you are … here ares 13 things you can definitely relate to.

1. You prefer not to call it “stalking,” so you come up with better terminology.


2. When someone goes on vacation and doesn’t post pictures, you’re like:


3. You don’t go on a date with anyone before knowing the basics.

Facebook stalk

4. Privacy settings are no challenge for you.


5.  You’ve accidentally sent a friend request to someone you’ve stalked.


6. You worry all the time about accidentally revealing something that you learned on Facebook.


7. So when you meet a new person, you try to throw them off.


8. When someone likes your Facebook status, you immediately jump to conclusions.


9. You love stalking so much that you’ve become fascinated by the fact that someone could stalk you.

Facebook stalk

10. You don’t want to deprive anyone, so you make your page super juicy and ready to stalk.

FB stalk

11. Then you stalk yourself to make sure you look good to the public eye.

FB stalk

12. But when you find out you’ve been stalked, you have to pretend to be creeped out.

Facebook stalk

13. But deep down you’re like:


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