18 Signs You Don't Belong in the Gym


There are two kinds of people in this world. People who love going to the gym … and people who think of the gym as some sort of torture chamber. I fall somewhere in the middle, but I definitely know quite a few people who think as long as they have a gym membership, they’ll lose weight. But unfortunately, working out actually requires work. I know … it sucks.

So, are you the kind of person who does dumbbell curls for fun? Or would you rather die? You’re definitely the opposite of a gym rat if …

1. You don’t exactly have the healthiest eating habits.


2. Or exercising habits. 


3. And you know you’re not getting any younger.


4. So you get yourself a gym membership.


5.  You purposely buy an adorable workout outfit that you hope will motivate you to actually go to the gym.


6. But the second you step foot in the place, you realize it’s not for you.


7. Because everyone else is like:


8. And:


9. But the only move you know how to do is:


11. You somehow end up getting forced into a spin class by an instructor.


12. And he’s like:


13. Are you’re like, WHAT DID I SIGN UP FOR?!


14. You actually paid money for something that made you do this:


15.  To save yourself any further embarrassment, you quit the class halfway through.


16. But not before you give that spin instructor a piece of your mind.


17. You head right to the front desk to request a refund from the lady who sold you the membership.


18. And when you’re asked for a reason,  your only explanation is:


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